Kang Ji Young Compares Herself To Character In “Sweet Munchies,” Defines Beauty, And More

Kang Ji Young looks bold and confident for Nylon magazine!

In her photo shoot, the actress from the JTBC drama “Sweet Munchies” shows off simple but captivating looks accented with red colors.

In the interview that accompanied the photo shoot, Kang Ji Young talked about “Sweet Munchies,” the drama’s topic of food, and more.

When asked if there is a late-night snack that she enjoys like her character does in her drama, Kang Ji Young said, “When I have to film the next day, I try not to eat food at night, but if I’m really hungry, I drink milk or eat tomatoes.”

She added with a laugh, “When I don’t have to film, it’s fried chicken for me.” Kang Ji Young then revealed that she also loves raw fish and will have it delivered to her.

She continued, “I’ll also choose an alcoholic beverage that fits with my meal and have a simple drink. I’ve grown to like drinking alone. Am I an adult now?”

Kang Ji Young also shared how she gets rid of swelling the day after she had eaten late at night. She said, “I’ll have a lower-body bath or do yoga. A lot of results come up when you search on YouTube for stretches or exercises that get rid of swelling. They’re actually pretty effective.”

Kang Ji Young revealed what to do if there is no time to stretch. She shared, “I do a lymphatic drainage massage and keep moving my face muscles.”

The interviewer commented that “Sweet Munchies” is a good drama to watch while eating because the food changes every episode. Kang Ji Young agreed, “The food in the drama is not predictable.”

She then suggested what to eat while watching the drama. Kang Ji Young said, “Since there is a limited choice of delivery food, I think it would be good to make something simple with ingredients from the refrigerator.” Kang Ji Young also said that she doesn’t enjoy eating too much at night because she will feel bloated.

Next, Kang Ji Young talked about her character Kim Ah Jin from “Sweet Munchies” and the poor treatment her character receives at work. “Ah Jin is very special,” Kang Ji Young said. “If she thinks something is not right, she will defy her superiors and be very confident. But sometimes, people like Ah Jin are disliked by others.”

She remarked, “If I were in Kim Ah Jin’s situation, I think I would have quit because going to work everyday would be hard. I would have said, ‘I can’t do it!’ In that regard, Ah Jin is very impressive. After hanging on for a while, she finally found herself a good opportunity and won. She’s brave.”

Kang Ji Young continued to compare herself to her character. She said, “I think I’m 70 percent similar to Ah Jin. There are a lot of things about Ah Jin I wish I could take after, but there are still a lot of similarities between us that made playing her role comfortable.”

Kang Ji Young also admitted, “I think I made Ah Jin more like Kang Ji Young since my performance is more natural whenever I do that. When my friends and family see Ah Jin, they say, ‘Isn’t that just Kang Ji Young?'”

As for the biggest difference between her and Kim Ah Jin, Kang Ji Young chose the way her “Sweet Munchies” character is confident in front of others and asserts her opinion strongly.

Additionally, Kang Ji Young shared her own definition of beauty. “Although people can be beautiful on the outside, I think that they must be nice on the inside to be beautiful,” she said. “Especially when someone is communicating with another, I find that person to be beautiful when I can tell that they are being considerate to the other person.”

Lastly, Kang Ji Young shared her goals as an actor. She said, “I don’t want to do anything obvious for who I am. I want to show different sides of me so that people will think, ‘It looks like Kang Ji Young showed this kind of side to her,’ or ‘She’s playing this role?'”

Kang Ji Young added, “I want to become an actor who interprets their character well and creates their own unique color. Although this sounds cliché, I want to become someone like a chameleon who can blend in with whoever and wherever I act.”

She concluded, “A chameleon only changes on the outside, and they are the same on the inside. I want to show off various sides of me that way.”

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