IU’s Agency Shares Latest Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters

IU’s agency has shared an update on their ongoing legal action against malicious commenters.

On June 24, EDAM Entertainment released the following statement.

Hello, this is EDAM Entertainment. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the fans who support and love IU.

We previously issued a statement about our regular implementation of legal action against malicious and defamatory comments regarding our artist IU, which include malicious slander, spreading false rumors, sexual harassment, privacy violations, and personal attacks. We will now give an update about our progress in this matter.

On the basis of evidence collected through our own monitoring, as well as evidence sent to us by fans, the agency has filed multiple complaints for investigation through a law firm.

Some of these attackers, who posted several malicious comments and engaged in excessive slander, were charged with being in contempt of the penal code regarding defamation. These crimes were severe enough that the judge authorized the prosecution to give a more severe fine than the recommended fine. Several other attackers have been summoned for investigation and are currently being processed.

As we previously stated, the agency will not stop here and will continue to actively collect evidence and monitor the situation and respond with strong legal action without lenience or cooperation.

Furthermore, EDAM Entertainment will also take regular legal action, including filing criminal complaints and civil complaints for damages, against malicious comments that slander IU’s fans as well as IU herself.

The information sent to us by fans have been a great help to us and we ask that you keep sending us information. As EDAM Entertainment, we will work hard in order to create only happy moments for IU and Uaena (fandom name) in future. As always, thank you.

Back in March, EDAM released a statement that explained that the first round of complaints had ended with the malicious commenters charged and that the second round of complaints was under investigation.

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