NU’EST’s Minhyun And Jung Da Bin Confirmed To Lead Upcoming JTBC Drama

NU’EST’s Minhyun and Jung Da Bin have been cast in an upcoming JTBC drama!

On June 26, it was confirmed that Playlist Studio, which is known for producing popular web dramas such as “A-Teen” and “Love Playlist,” Keyeast, which has worked on youth dramas such as “Dream High” and “Moments of 18,” and JTBC Studio will be co-producing a new drama “Live On” (working title). The new drama is set to air on JTBC in the second half of the year and will star Minhyun and Jung Da Bin in the leading roles.

“Live On” is set to be a romance story that follows the lives of Baek Ho Rang (Jung Da Bin), who is at the top of food chain at her high school where being trendy and popular brings higher social status, and Go Eun Taek (Minhyun), a perfectionist who is the head of the broadcasting club. Baek Ho Rang joins the broadcasting club in order get help from Go Eun Taek in uncovering the identity of a mysterious figure who is trying to bring to light parts of her past she wants to keep hidden.

Baek Ho Rang immediately shot up to social media star status because of her beautiful looks and is one of the most popular girls at Seo Hyun High School. Despite being at the top of the social pyramid, she only has one true friend as she believes she is the center of the universe and looks down on others. Meanwhile, Go Eun Taek is in charge of the school’s broadcasting club and is someone who is sensitive, detail oriented, can sometimes be irritable, and plans everything out perfectly. Though he is strict and inflexible when it comes to his leadership, he never shies away from any task that is given to him and is loved by his fellow students.

This is set to be Jung Da Bin’s most recent role following her appearance in the Netflix series “Extracurricular,” for which she received high praise for her transformation. For Minhyun, this will be his first time taking on a leading role in a drama since making his debut as a member of NU’EST in 2012. Currently, VICTON’s Byungchan and Yeonwoo are in talks to join the drama, and Noh Jong Hyun has also been reported to be considering an offer.

The drama will be written by screenwriter Bang Yoo Jung, who is well-known in the web drama world who has worked on productions such as “Four Reasons I Hate Christmas,” “Just One Bite,” and “Yellow.” The director will be Kim Sang Woo, who has led works such as “Extraordinary You,” “My Mister,” “The King Loves,” and “Hospital Ship.”

“Live On” is set to be an eight part series that airs in the second half of 2020. Are you excited to see this drama?

In the meantime, watch director Kim Sang Woo’s latest work “Extraordinary You” below:

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