JamJam Adorably Chooses Between Her Dad Moon Hee Jun And Gary’s Son Hao On “The Return Of Superman”

JamJam (whose real name is Moon Hee Yul) took her dad by surprise on the latest episode of “The Return of Superman”!

On the June 28 broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman,” Gary and his son Hao visited JamJam and her dad Moon Hee Jun. After playing at her house and eating lunch, they went to play outside.

While the two were outside, they both recorded audio messages into little stuffed animals. When Hao requested that they trade dolls and listen to one another’s messages, JamJam refused, claiming hers had a secret.

Her dad backed her up, explaining, “There really is a secret. JamJam recorded her true feelings onto this doll like a diary.”

It turned out that in her recording, JamJam had adorably said, “I love you. Don’t run away. Heart!” Surprised at his daughter’s adorable confession, Moon Hee Jun asked her, “Do you love Hao?” She immediately answered yes, even picking his face as the reason.

After JamJam confessed that she loved Hao as much as her father, he hilariously asked, “Who do you like better, Hao or Dad?” Without a second thought, JamJam replied, “Hao,” shocking her dad.

He later explained to her, “JamJam, Dad’s heart isn’t prepared to hear you say stuff like that.” She hilariously responded, “I’m prepared,” adorably adding, “This is a secret from Hao.”

Watch the full episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

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