Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Is Busy Making Friendship Bracelets For SHINee’s Key, Red Velvet’s Yeri, And More

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has been making personalized gifts for her friends by hand!

It all started on June 28, when Taeyeon took to Instagram to show off a cute beaded bracelet that she had personally made. Sharing several photos of herself sporting the handmade accessory, Taeyeon proudly wrote, “I made this bracelet myself?”

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팔찌 내가 만들었다?

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Shortly afterwards, SHINee’s Key left a comment playfully requesting, “I’ll take one in mint green, please,” prompting Red Velvet’s Yeri to add, “I’ll take one in purple, please.”

Hyoyeon then requested a bracelet matching the one Taeyeon was wearing in her photos, writing, “I’ll take one of the ones you’re wearing, unnie. Yay!”

The flood of requests led Taeyeon to leave a comment of her own in which she joked, “#SellingFast.”

Just a few hours later, Taeyeon revealed on her Instagram story that she had fulfilled the orders, tagging Hyoyeon, Key, and Yerim in a photo of several handmade bracelets. After seeing the photo, Key replied in a new comment, “She really made them, hahahahahahaha.”

YoonA also responded to the post by writing, “A white one for me too, please”—so it looks as though Taeyeon’s bracelet-making adventure may not be over just yet!

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