Update: DAY6's Jae And JYP Say His Complaints About Lack Of Support Were Due To Misunderstandings

Updated June 30 KST:

Later on the evening of June 30, Jae posted on Twitter again to apologize and share an update after speaking with the agency.

He wrote:

After talking with the company again, I think there have been a lot of misunderstandings. I want to say that I’m sorry for causing you concern with my post. And what I wanted to express was a personal problem between the company and myself, it’s completely unrelated to the members, and I never even thought that it was. I apologize for worrying My Day by not thinking it through.

JYP Entertainment also told the news outlet Newsen, “Through our conversation, we have cleared up something that took place because of a misunderstanding between the company and the member. We will be very cautious in the future so that this sort of matter does not occur again.”

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DAY6’s Jae has publicly opened up about the lack of support he is feeling from his agency JYP Entertainment and in-house label Studio J, which manages the band.

On June 29, Jae responded to an update posted from the official DAY6 Twitter account sharing content about a fellow member by saying, “Why don’t you repost my Dive stuff?” This was in reference to the fact that the content that was shared was from Dive Studios, which also hosts a podcast by Jae titled “How Did I Get Here?”

On June 30, Jae elaborated on his frustrations towards his label as he stated, “Even if we’re just talking about recent activities, I have my podcast, ‘HWAITING‘ on Facebook, and my collaboration with 88rising, but why do you never post about the activities that I do?”

He continued to state, “For YouTube, I was barely able to get permission [to open a channel] after begging for one, even as I was reproached and felt like I was walking on eggshells. I did everything by myself but ended up having to put an end to ‘jaesix’ because I was told, ‘People at the company don’t view it favorably.’ But why is a different member able to happily do that with the managers creating a schedule, and the company providing funds for content, as well as other help?”

Since May 10, DAY6 has temporarily suspended team activities to allow the members to focus on their mental health. Since then, the members have mostly been taking time off to rest, and Jae shared an update in May about his status.

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