Update: Lee Jae Woo And Seo Ha Joon In Talks To Join Hong Soo Ah In Remake Of Popular Drama “Phoenix”

Updated July 4 KST:

Lee Jae Woo and Seo Ha Joon may be joining Hong Soo Ah in the upcoming remake of the 2004 drama “Phoenix”!

A source from SBS confirmed the news and said, “Lee Jae Woo is currently in talks to appear in the drama,” and a source from Seo Ha Joon’s agency also stated, “He is currently in talks to appear in ‘Phoenix.'”

According to the reports, Lee Jae Woo has been offered the role of Jang Sae Hoon, who found success with an organic cosmetics line and was played by Lee Seo Jin in the original series. Seo Ha Joon has been tapped to play Seo Jung Min, the son of prominent company Seorin Group and originally played by Shinhwa’s Eric.

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The popular 2004 drama “Phoenix” will be getting a remake!

The original MBC drama, which reached an impressive 30 percent viewership, stars Lee Seo Jin, Lee Eun Joo, Jung Hye Young, and Shinhwa’s Eric. It will be remade into an SBS morning drama. The original “Phoenix” tells the story of a rich woman who marries a poor man for love and eventually gets a divorce. She later reunites with her ex-husband, who is engaged and an executive of a successful company.

Lee Yoo Jin, the writer of the 2004 version, plans to take on the “Phoenix” remake, and director Lee Hyun Jik of the dramas “Punch,” “Lobbyist,” and “Endless Love” will helm the newest version. Casting is currently taking place, and the drama is expected to start filming in the second half of the year.

Hong Soo Ah is in talks to play the female lead. The production company revealed that she is positively considering the role, and a source from Hong Soo Ah’s agency confirmed that she is currently discussing the drama.

The “Phoenix” remake will modify its story and characters to fit with the times and will target an audience of female viewers in their 40s to 60s as a morning drama.

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