Park Hae Jin Talks About Acting In “Kkondae Intern,” The Kind Of Senior Actor He Is, And More

Actor Park Hae Jin participated in an interview to discuss his latest drama “Kkondae Intern” and his career.

“Kkondae Intern” is an office comedy about a man who finally gets sweet revenge on a former boss who once made his life miserable. Park Hae Jin stars as Ga Yeol Chan, who becomes the head of the marketing team at Jun Su Foods after moving up the corporate ladder at lightning speed. Kim Eung Soo stars as Lee Man Shik, Ga Yeol Chan’s boss at his former company but now his subordinate at Jun Su Foods.

First off, Park Hae Jin shared his thoughts on the conclusion of “Kkondae Intern.” He said, “I’m sad that it’s about to end. Usually, I feel bittersweet after a production is over, but I feel more sad this time because it ends at episode 12. I didn’t get to see all the narratives of the characters, and I was also curious about the story of Namgoong Jun Su [played by Park Ki Woong]. Still, I think this work seems to have been a life-oriented drama.”

When asked about how he noticed the popularity of this drama, he answered, “I realized that the drama was receiving a lot of love through online comments and news articles. I think viewers thought more deeply about the drama and they empathized with it a lot. I’ve never worked at a company before, but I tried to show a dramatic performance, and when I saw the comments saying, ‘It felt like I was looking at our company,’ and ‘Yes, it was very tiring,’ I realized people were going through a rough time at work.”

Park Hae Jin also talked about how his character’s personality suddenly changed. He admitted he had a tough time with that, saying, “There was a scene when Ga Yeol Chan exploded after being driven into a corner. I couldn’t relate to the character, so the ending of episode six was hard for me. He had a different tone than the beginning, and it was a time when Ga Yeol Chan was cornered. In reality, I don’t really experience that kind of irritation, so I worked harder to portray it.”

Park Hae Jin also talked about the kind of senior actor he is. He commented, “Actually, I think I’m careful when it comes to giving someone advice about acting because I’m busy acting myself. In my opinion, ‘acting’ is the process of putting pieces together for the picture we will make at the end. While doing this work, I thought I should become a good senior to my juniors.”

The interviewer pointed out that he seemed like someone who would take care of his junior actors a lot, and he answered with a laugh, “I’m always hungry on drama sets, so I try to share what I have. I feel awkward when someone thanks me. I try to be careless about sharing because it can feel like I’m showing off. I do appreciate it if they can feel my sincerity.”

When asked if he now has more confidence about acting in comedies, the actor explained, “I don’t suddenly have confidence about it, but I’m trying to find my own humor. I’m convinced that good scenes come from good reactions rather than acting comically up front.”

Park Hae Jin also talked about his chemistry with Kim Eung Soo, saying, “‘Kkondae Intern’ focuses on bromance. Every drama has melodrama on it, but I think it was good that there was none in this drama. A memorable bromance scene is when I drag Kim Eung Soo by the hand. It’s a romantic scene, but it seems to have been well expressed as bromance. Kim Eung Soo’s reaction was at its peak.”

When asked about a possibility of a second season, Park Hae Jin replied, “There wasn’t any talk about a second season. There were people who wanted to make it happen, so if the opportunity comes, that would be great.”

Lastly, the actor shared what he thinks is a kkondae (a term that describes an older person who is often condescending or uses their age to justify their actions). He said, “It’s someone who forces their own thoughts on others and who believes they’re absolutely right. I think it’s also someone who thinks they’re an open person. There may be people who have different opinions from me, but I think the person who says, ‘I am absolutely right’ is a kkondae.”

The final episode of “Kkondae Intern” aired on July 1.

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