Watch: SEVENTEEN Wins With “Left & Right” On “Show Champion”; Performances By IZ*ONE, ASTRO, N.Flying, And More

SEVENTEEN grabbed the first music show trophy for July 2020!

On July 1, the nominees for first place on “Show Champion” were IZ*ONE’s “Secret Story of the Swan,” Stray Kids’ “God’s Menu,” TWICE’s “More & More,” Baek A Yeon’s “Looking for Love,” and SEVENTEEN’s “Left & Right.”

SEVENTEEN took the win! They did not appear on the show today, but they sent a video message to share their thanks.

Performers on this week’s episode included ASTRO, IZ*ONE, N.Flying, Weki Meki, Golden Child, CRAVITY, NATURE, Kim Wan Sun, NADA, VOISPER, 3YE, D1CE, DKB, AWEEK, and Swan.

Check them out below!

Kim Wan Sun – “Yellow”


Swan – “I Like U”

DKB – “Still”

NATURE – “Girls”

ASTRO – “No, I Don’t..”

Weki Meki – “OOPSY”

CRAVITY – “Cloud 9”

AWEEK – “One Four Three”

VOISPER – “The Day”

D1CE – “Draw You”

NADA – “My Body”

Golden Child – “OMG”

Golden Child – “ONE (Lucid Dream)”

N.Flying’s Yoo Hwe Seung – “Aloha” (original by Cool)

N.Flying – “Oh Really.”

IZ*ONE – “Secret Story of the Swan”

Congratulations to SEVENTEEN!

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