Highlight’s Agency Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Comments And Rumors

On July 1, Around Us Entertainment issued an official statement about their ongoing legal action against malicious comments and rumors.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is Around Us Ent.

We are writing to inform you about the status of our legal action on behalf of the group Highlight and the members of Highlight.

Recently, with the help of evidence that we collected through monitoring as well as information sent in by fans, we filed complaints with the investigative authorities through our legal representatives.

Our primary target are comments about Highlight and Highlight members that include defamations of character, insults, sexual harassment, spread of false information, and malicious slander. This includes posts in online communities, blogs, social media posts, and comments on portal site news articles.

In future, the agency will take legal action without warning against those who tarnish our artists’ characters and harm them through malicious comments, posts, and spreading false rumors.

Furthermore, the complaint we filed about the false rumor that Lee Gikwang engaged in chart manipulation is currently under investigation. A typical case will take considerable time before it is resolved, but we are firm in our intent to protect our artist’s credibility, so we ask that you wait patiently for the results.

We are always deeply grateful for the warm affection and interest of fans. We will do our best as an agency to protect our artists. Thank you.

Back in April, a political candidate named Kim Geun Tae accused several musicians of chart manipulation, including Highlight’s Lee Gikwang. Along with other agencies, Around Us Entertainment denied the rumors and announced they would be taking legal action against the candidate.

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