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SF9 is back with their eighth mini album “9loryUS”!

Earlier at midnight, the group pre-released the music video for their new title track “Summer Breeze,” which is a summery, refreshing song of the house genre. The members’ energetic vocals, the acoustic guitar, and the trendy synth sounds come together to create an energetic summer track that shows SF9’s distinctive style.

SF9 has answered some of the questions fans asked about the new album via Soompi’s Instagram. Read their answers below!

What makes your new album different from your other albums?

Asked by @httplexie10

Youngbin: In “FIRST COLLECTION,” we tried hard to show clean outfits and dance moves and a tidy appearance. In “9loryUS, we tried to show free-spirited yet powerful choreography and refreshing outfits.

Rowoon: You’ll be able to feel a brighter, more fun atmosphere compared to “FIRST COLLECTION.”

Chani: It’s refreshing and heavy at the same time.

Zuho: We’ve packaged a summer of SF9 that’s completely different from our previous title tracks.

Dawon: It’s a bit more refreshing! ^^

Jaeyoon: We’ve become one step more mature, and our universe has become more solid.

Taeyang: We expressed SF9’s identity with a more solid universe and style.

Inseong: You’ll be able to see an SF9 that is more confident and musically diverse.

Hwiyoung: It’s freer, and the album itself is more richly expressive of the season.

Which concept do you prefer more between Black Chaser and Golden Chaser?

Asked by @nrelisa.e

Golden Chaser: Youngbin, Inseong, Dawon, Rowoon, Zuho, Chani

Black Chaser: Jaeyoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung

Dawon: I like Golden Chaser because it has a softer feeling.

Rowoon: I think Golden Chaser gives off a summer scent a bit more.

Taeyang: I like the dark vibe of Black Chaser that contrasts with summer.

Hwiyoung: I like Black Chaser too. It’s calm and has its own edge.

What was the most memorable thing about preparing for this comeback?

Asked by @angeliquesnts

Youngbin: I texted our general producer because there was a part I wanted to change in the choreography… I was thankful that my input was readily received and the choreography was modified.

Taeyang: My participation in creating the choreography remains in my memory the most. I put in a lot of effort to make choreography that’s optimal for SF9.

Zuho: I remember that we changed the choreography a lot because the members participated in it and gave their opinions about it.

Inseong: Taeyang’s sexy body wave lingers before my eyes.

Rowoon: There’s a gun battle scene in the music video, and I was surprised because it felt so real.

Chani: Filming the shootout scene for the music video was also the most memorable for me.

Hwiyoung: I remember that there were so many bugs during my individual scene for the music video that we had to do several takes.

Jaeyoon: I find the dance part of the music video the most memorable because it was so hot! We filmed it at a helicopter landing zone on top of a building, and it was really hot.

Dawon: Hwiyoung’s permed hair.. It’s so cute!

If you could switch parts with any member in “Summer Breeze,” which part would you want and why?

Asked by @aesthethicclee

Youngbin: Hwiyoung and Chani’s “Follow me One Two One Two” part. The choreography is my style, so I want to try dancing it in the center.

Zuho: I also liked Hwiyoung and Chani’s part.

Inseong: I choose Hwiyoung’s part. Hwiyoung’s voice is so sexy!

Taeyang: I also like Hwiyoung’s part. I really like the enjoyable melody and choreography.

Rowoon: Rather than the opening part or chorus, I personally liked Taeyang’s part.

Hwiyoung: I like Rowoon’s opening choreography.

Chani: I like Rowoon and Taeyang’s “The summer full of fragrance makes me dance” part. It keeps lingering in my ears.

Jaeyoon: I am satisfied with my part.

Dawon: I also love my part^^ Please listen to it a lot!

What would you like to achieve as an artist within 10 years?

Asked by @kari.pohoska

Youngbin: It is my goal to have a dome concert. If possible, I want to do a sea bream mukbang during the concert. ☺
(A play on words as the Korean word for the fish sea bream, kam sung dom, contains the Korean word for “dome.”)

Inseong: I want to have a concert with FANTASY at the largest venue in the world.

Jaeyoon: I want to have more performances in front of more FANTASY.

Dawon: It is my goal for lots of people to know all nine of our names.

Rowoon: In the future I want to work with greater happiness and ease.

Zuho: I want us to create SF9’s own genre.

Taeyang: I want to place No. 1 on the Billboard Chart!

Hwiyoung: Musicality. I want to achieve our own color and my own color.

Chani: I want to become an artist loved by the general public.

What are some words you want to say to international FANTASY?

Asked by @fantarohasy

Youngbin: (In English) Hi everyone! I’m Youngbin! I miss you, and I hope to see you as soon as possible! (In Korean) I am healthy and doing well! We will go see you soon!♡

Inseong: Always be healthy, and I will become more cute and sexy, so please give lots and and lots of love ^_^

Jaeyoon: These are difficult times for everyone due to COVID-19, but let’s all endure it just a bit longer and meet as soon as possible!

Dawon: Thank you always for loving us even from far away. I will also work hard!

Rowoon: During these difficult times due to COVID-19, I hope our music can provide at least a little bit of strength and courage.

Zuho: Let’s meet in person as soon as possible and have fun together!

Taeyang: (In English) FANTASY, you’re my everything. Miss you so much!♡

Hwiyoung: (In English) Love you so much~♡

Chani: FANTASY! I am always thinking of you~ I will work harder to impress you more!♡

Don’t forget to check out SF9’s “Summer Breeze” music video here!

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