Watch: APRIL Takes On Summer By The Beach In Colorful Comeback MV For “Now Or Never”

Updated July 29 KST:

APRIL has made their return!

On July 29 at 6 p.m. KST, the girl group released their special album “Hello Summer” along with the music video for the title track.

“Now or Never” is a hybrid pop track with bright brass and guitar sounds. APRIL makes the most of summer through the song that exudes positive energy.

Check out the music video below!

Updated July 28 KST: 

APRIL has shared their second MV teaser for “Now or Never”!

Updated July 27 KST: 

APRIL has released their first music video teaser for “Now or Never”!

Check it out below:

Updated July 26 KST: 

APRIL has revealed more teaser images of the members enjoying their time in a swimming pool!

Check out the photos here:

Updated July 26 KST: 

APRIL has shared group teaser images for their comeback with “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 25 KST:

APRIL’s “Hello Summer” teaser videos for Jinsol and Rachel are now here!

Updated July 24 KST:

APRIL shared Jinsol and Rachel’s teaser photos for “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 23 KST:

APRIL released Yena and Naeun’s teaser videos for “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 22 KST:

APRIL shared new teaser photos for Yena and Naeun!

Updated July 21 KST: 

APRIL has dropped the individual teaser videos for Chaekyung and Chaewon for their comeback with “Hello Summer!”

Updated July 20 KST:

APRIL has released Chaewon’s and Chaekyung’s individual teasers for their upcoming comeback with “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 19 KST:

APRIL has shared a new story film entitled “Now or Never” for their upcoming return with “Hello Summer”!

Check it out below:

Updated July 18 KST: 

APRIL has shared Yena, Rachel, and Jinsol’s teaser photos for “Hello Summer!”

Updated July 17 KST:

APRIL shared Chaekyung, Chaewon, and Naeun‘s teaser photos for “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 16 KST:

APRIL released a teaser schedule for “Hello Summer”!

Updated July 14 KST:

APRIL shared the first teaser for their return!

The new teaser image announces that their comeback will be on July 29 with “Hello Summer.”

Original Article:

APRIL is making a quick comeback!

On July 9, News1 reported that the girl group is releasing a new song this month.

In response to the report, a source from APRIL’s agency DSP Media confirmed, “APRIL is scheduled to release a special single towards the end of this month,” and added, “They completed filming for the music video last week.”

The upcoming single is reported to be a bright and summery track perfect for the season. This will be APRIL’s first comeback in three months since “LALALILALA” in April.

Stay tuned for updates!

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