“Heart Signal 3” Finale Hits Personal Best In Ratings + Cast Members Say Goodbye With Messages Of Gratitude

Channel A’s “Heart Signal 3” recorded its highest viewership ratings as it came to an end.

According to Nielson Korea, the final episode on July 8 reached 2.4 percent ratings nationwide, and the moment of the cast members’ final decisions peaked at 2.9 percent, the highest ratings achieved by the show.

After the finale aired, the participants took to their Instagram accounts to say farewell and thank viewers for supporting them.

Im Han Gyeol shared, “Everyone, you’ve worked hard. Thanks to the production team who worked hard until now, the Signal House members that I love, and the viewers who watched and supported us until the end, this has become a fond memory. Thank you.”

Cheon In Woo said in his post, “During my time living in Signal House, I laughed, cried, and grew a lot. Above all, I had fun. While ‘Heart Signal’ was airing, the support gave me strength, and the criticism helped me grow. In all honesty, I am thankful to everyone. To every single person. I mean it.”

Kim Kang Yeol wrote, “It’s an emotion I’ve never felt before. Thank you, you’ve all worked hard. (An experience, memory, feeling, emotion, feeling, and lesson that I’ll never forget)”

Jung Eui Dong captioned his post, “It was a cold yet warm winter, and I spent a flowery spring thanks to all of the attention and support. I would like to share my gratitude to everyone. And to the Heart Signal family, you’ve worked hard!”

Seo Min Jae wrote, “‘Heart Signal 3’ has come to a close as of today. I’m very thankful to the many people who joined us and cheered for us until the end.”

Park Ji Hyun shared, “‘Heart Signal 3’ has finally ended. I’m going to miss it so much now. Thank you for the support until now!”

Lee Ga Heun wrote a lengthy message about her thoughts. She shared, “I felt stunned and blessed these past days as people would recognize me and talk to me on the streets, in the subway, or at restaurants. I realized that I was receiving support and love from so many people. I’ve seen some people analyze me through the show, and it was a fun experience. I’m now known as such a forward woman that I can’t even pretend to be shy, haha. I’m glad I got to know the members of the House, and thanks to the many staff members who took care of us from the back, we were able to safely wrap up filming in the intense cold. I was in a hurry while leaving the place because I was busy taking out my luggage, but I’d like to once again thank those who quietly worked hard behind the scenes. I had no idea that I would be spending my 24th Christmas in an unfamiliar place as the first day meeting unfamiliar people, but looking back now during the hottest season, it was a warm memory.”

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길 걷다가도 지하철에서도 아무 식당에 가도 먼저 알아보고 말걸어주시니 얼떨떨하고 영광스러운 나날이었어요 이렇게 많은 분들의 지지와 사랑을 받고있구나 방송을 통해서 내 자신을 분석하는 사람들도 보고 재미있는 경험이었다고 생각해요 완전 직진녀가 되어버려서 어디가서 조신한 척도 못하게생겼어요 킥킥 하우스 사람들을 알게되어 좋았고 수십명의 스태프분들이 뒤에서 잘 챙겨주신 덕분에 혹한에 촬영도 잘 마무리지은 것 같습니다! 마지막에 짐 빼느라 정신없이 나왔는데 다시한번 뒤에서 묵묵히 노력해주셨던 분들에게도 정말 고생하셨다고, 감사하다고 전해주고싶어요 24살의 크리스마스를 낯선 곳에서 낯선 이들과의 첫날로 보낼 줄은 몰랐는데 가장 더운 때에 뒤돌아보니 역시 따뜻한 추억이네요❤️

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In the last episode of “Heart Signal,” the final couples to be born were Park Ji Hyun and Kim Kang Yeol as well as Seo Min Jae and Im Han Gyeol.

“Heart Signal 3” is not completely over yet, as behind-the-scenes stories and a glimpse of the participants after their final decisions will be shown in the special broadcast “After Signal House” (literal title) on July 15 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Catch the finale of “Heart Signal 3” here!

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