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If you’ve been following along with this season of “Heart Signal 3” and have become very invested in the show, you’ll know exactly what we mean when we say that the ending was bittersweet. When we look back at the show, we can say without a doubt that it was an emotional roller coaster ride worth being on. Here’s a look at six memories from this past season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Note: For those who aren’t familiar with the premise of “Heart Signal 3” and the previous seasons, eight strangers live together in a house for a month and go on dates with each other. At the end of the series, they each call the person that they like, and if they end up calling each other, they become a real couple!

1. Lee Ga Heun’s date with Cheon In Woo

Lee Ga Heun gave it her all on her date with Cheon In Woo. She had been totally smitten by him from the start and he had no idea, which is why she wanted to make a lasting impression on their date. Lee Ga Heun’s flirtatious commentary and gestures towards Cheon In Woo on their first date together blew him away. Viewers were so impressed by her charm and ability to make such an impression and said that she’s a total natural when it comes to dating.

She was so upfront and honest with her feelings for him that it would make anyone’s heart skip a beat!

2. Seo Min Jae asking Im Han Gyeol out on a date

Seo Min Jae fell in love at first sight with Im Han Gyeol. She had remained interested in him from the beginning, which is why she initiated their first date together. She mustered all the courage she could and approached him first.

You could feel her nerves and jitters through the screen!

…and their first date!

When Seo Min Jae and Im Han Gyeol finally went on their first date together, it was the sweetest thing in the world. Seeing how happy Seo Min Jae was to spend some time with Im Han Gyeol and to have him all to herself meant the world to her. She made it so evident that she was into him, which obviously made her even more adorable! The ship had officially sailed at this point.

3. Park Ji Hyun and Kim Kang Yeol’s Lotte World date

Kim Kang Yeol had expressed his interest in Park Ji Hyun early on upon his arrival, so it was no surprise to see that their first date together was complete fireworks. The two connected so well, and it was apparent that their conversations flowed very smoothly. But it wasn’t until their second date that Park Ji Hyun had planned. She hadn’t known that Kim Kang Yeol would show up, but fate put them together, and the two had an electrifying date.

The two could not stop smiling, and Park Ji Hyun even admitted in the last episode that the highlight of her time at the house was the Lotte World date.

4. Jung Eui Dong’s relentless display of affection towards Cheon An Na

Jung Eui Dong is just a nice, solid guy. So when he has his heart set on a girl, he can’t help but express his feelings. When he decided that Cheon An Na was the girl he wanted to be with, he continuously showered her with affection. At one point, he suddenly showed up with a gift of a tumbler and a handwritten letter!

He had mentioned several times throughout the show that he was worried that his actions might be too burdensome for Cheon An Na, but he said he couldn’t help it. He’s such a softie!

5. Cheon In Woo’s closure

This was probably one of the most heartbreaking moments in the season. Cheon In Woo had been into Park Ji Hyun for the most part of the show but had no chance to go on an official date with her. Fate just didn’t seem to be on their side. With the days dwindling down, Cheon In Woo took it upon himself to ask Park Ji Hyun out on a random dinner date. The two expressed their thoughts about each other, but Park Ji Hyun had mentioned that their timing just seemed off. Cheon In Woo was on the verge of tears and said he couldn’t talk about it anymore.

Heart. Breaking.

6. When two couples matched at the end

Although this season had its heartbreaking moments, there were a couple success stories at the end of it all. Seo Min Jae and Im Han Gyeol confessed their feelings for each other, as did Kim Kang Yeol and Park Ji Hyun. The joy that these couples showed on their faces made the painful waiting every week completely worthwhile. Yay for love!

The feelings!

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