The Boyz’s Sunwoo And Cre.Ker Entertainment Issue Apologies After Recent Photos Spark Debate

The Boyz’s Sunwoo and Cre.Ker Entertainment have posted apologies following a debate that was sparked by photos posted by Sunwoo earlier.

On July 9, Sunwoo shared photos from his time at the beach with fellow The Boyz members, which have since been deleted. Debate arose whether Sunwoo was holding a cigarette in one of the photos that he shared. The majority of beaches in Korea are designated as non-smoking areas by law as they are public use facilities, and an individual can be fined 100,000 won (approximately $83.3) if they are found to be smoking in such areas.

As the controversy grew, Sunwoo took to The Boyz’s official fan cafe to apologize for the incident. His post reads as follows:

Hello, this is Sunwoo.

I have something to say to The B [The Boyz’s official fan club name].

I wanted this space to be one that I share only love and happiness with our fans, but due to a fault of mine, I come to write an apology to you all.

After the competition program we participated in, I took a short break and went to the beach with other members. But there, I acted in a way that did not follow the norms of a public space.

I am so apologetic to the fans who believe in me, and I’m not sure how I should continue, but I wish to speak honestly to you. To all The Bs who give us love, my precious members, the people at our agency who work hard, and my family who believe in me, I am ashamed and I’m so sorry.

I will always think of how grateful I am and how precious The B are to me, I will reflect on what I did, and I will never make such a mistake or show this kind of fault again.

Since meeting you and your love, I have learned and felt so many things. For The B, who have shown me unending love and trust, I will work hard to show only my sincerity, my best, good words, and sincere and good thoughts, and I will continue to work to become a mature person who gives only trust and happiness to The B.

I wish to once again apologize to The B who were hurting and disappointed by my actions.

I will sincerely reflect, reproach myself, and grow. I am really sorry.

Along with Sunwoo’s apology, Cre.Ker Entertainment also posted an official apology as well, which reads as follows:

Hello. This is Cre.Ker Entertainment.

Firstly, we wish to apologize to you, the fans, as you must have been surprised by the photos posted on The Boyz’s Twitter account.

We wish to once again apologize for causing concern by not following the norms of a public space, and not only Sunwoo, but all the members who were there with him, all recognize with a heavy heart that this was wrong and are sincerely reflecting.

Our agency also takes responsibility that such an incident has occurred, and we once again apologize to all those who felt uncomfortable due to what happened.

We will do our best and be more aware with our artist management so that such an incident does not occur again.

Thank you.

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