Zico Defends Himself Against “Betrayal” Jokes + Sunmi Explains Why She Hasn’t Done The “Any Song” Challenge

On the July 11 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Zico, Sunmi, and MONSTA X’s Joohoney and Shownu appeared as guests.

During the show, Zico was jokingly accused by the cast of betraying them. In a past appearance, Zico had won the right to appear at least once in every episode of the show. (This was done through CGI and effects.) Zico had also promised to talk to IU about getting her on the show. But when IU did appear, and the cast asked her if Zico had recommended the show, IU said, “He actually told me to go on a different show.” The cast, in mock anger, unilaterally canceled their “contract” with Zico.

Zico said, “At the time, I posted a video from the United States in which I explained myself. Was that enough?” Min Kyung Hoon said, “It wasn’t sincere enough.”

Zico explained himself again, saying, “The reason I didn’t recommend the show to IU was because the show was already a major league show at the time. When you’re asked to recommend a song to listen to, you don’t recommend a famous one that people already know.”

Kim Heechul chimed in, “But we would definitely recommend Zico.” Flustered, Zico said, “Well, then…” He continued, “But I really like ‘Ask Us Anything.’ This is the first show that I scheduled after my comeback. It was No. 1. No, it was No. 0.”

Asked if this was the first show he had gone on after his comeback, Zico hesitated and said, “… ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.'” He explained, “Instead of a pure variety show, people often appear first on variety shows that are related to music. That’s why Yoo Hee Yeol made that show in that format.”

But the cast rejected his explanation and said, “Our show is also a variety show related to music.”

Zico complained, “To be honest, I have something to say as well. We made a promise together. It was so unfair that you canceled the contract.” The cast responded, “But we did show your face a lot.” Kim Heechul noted, “If you’re going to talk about promises, then you should give your watch to Lee Soo Geun like you said. People still talk to him about that.”

Sunmi also explained herself in the show after Lee Soo Geun said, “I heard that you hate Zico’s ‘Any Song.'” To Zico’s shock, she said frankly, “I do hate it.” She explained, “When you turn the TV on, the first channel you see is one that recommends movies and dramas. The background music for that channel is ‘Any Song.’ I got so sick of hearing it.”

The cast noted that the song had also gone viral on social media and she said, “That’s why I didn’t do the challenge. Too many people were doing it.” Asked if she had sworn off ever doing the challenge, she said, “No. If Zico helps me, I’ll do it right now.”

Check out their cute challenge below!

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