Watch: ASTRO's MJ Shows His Love For Trot Music With Audition On New Survival Show

ASTRO’s MJ showed his love for trot music on MBC’s “Favorite Entertainment”!

“Favorite Entertainment” is a new music variety program that aims to create a top trot boy group. Contestants will include idols, former vocalists, and other singers who will be selected by trot singer Jang Yoon Jung, comedian Kim Shin Young, and Super Junior‘s Leeteuk.

On the July 11 episode, ASTRO’s MJ appeared as the fifth contestant, putting his own spin on Park Hyun Bin’s “Shabang Shabang.” With his adorable aegyo and impressive vocals, he received a “thumbs up” from all three judges!

Kim Shin Young asked MJ, “How did an ASTRO member find us?” He jokingly answered, “It was too much of a waste for me to hide my talent behind my team [image], so I have sought out MBC.” When asked whether he’d be able to promote in both groups, MJ playfully spread out his legs and replied, “I can promote diligently while dipping a foot in both sides.”

They also discussed a solo trot song MJ had released in the past. MJ remarked, “Ah! That’s right. I have a song called ‘Don’t Do It,’ and this is the exact outfit I wore for it during our concert.” He performed a snippet of the lively song, and Leeteuk jokingly commented, “Isn’t the atmosphere here a lot better than you thought it would be?” MJ adorably responded, “Yes! It’s so nice, and I’m happy!”

As another special talent of his, MJ performed Jang Yoon Jung’s famous song “Oh My” while using his mouth to imitate a saxophone, which earned him praise from the judges.

The judges also explained that he would have to be a trainee again in order to become a part of this new trot group, and MJ enthusiastically replied, “I’m ready. My trainee period was short, so I want to do more. I miss it.” Leeteuk inquired about whether the other ASTRO members would be able to help promote their group, and MJ hilariously answered, “Of course! Everything is possible. I am the oldest member, after all.”

Watch the full episode of “Favorite Entertainment” below!

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