Yang Dae Hyuk Talks About Working Alongside Jung Il Woo And Kang Ji Young In “Sweet Munchies”

Yang Dae Hyuk sat down for an interview following the conclusion of his latest project, JTBC’s “Sweet Munchies,” to discuss his thoughts on his role as well as what it was like to film with co-stars Jung Il Woo and Kang Ji Young.

When asked what he has been doing now that “Sweet Munchies” has come to an end, the actor responded, “I’m currently filming for JTBC’s new drama ‘18 Again.’ When I don’t have filming, I just rest. I watch dramas or movies that I’ve been wanting to watch.”

Moving on to his thoughts on participating in the drama, Yang Dae Hyuk commented, “As a rookie actor, this was the biggest role I’ve taken on so far. I thought that I had to do a good job, and I wanted to blend seamlessly into the drama together with the other actors.”

Yang Dae Hyuk took on the role of Nam Gyu Jang, a spiteful boss who tended to infuriate viewers. On how he prepared for the role, he said, “I wanted Nam Gyu Jang to be a person you would run across at least once in real life, so I tried to find a reason to make him that way. I researched why he would talk or act like he does. I thought about my experience working at an office job, and took into consideration the stories of my friends who worked as well. I worked hard to present Nam Gyu Jang as an irritating boss you could gossip about at work.”

The actor then noted that Nam Gyu Jang was nothing like himself. “I don’t act selfishly or let out my anger on others,” he explained.

Yang Dae Hyuk then reminisced on working together with the other actors and the director. “The director was good at controlling the scenes, and I got along well with the other actors since we all were of similar age,” he said. “It was exciting to go to the set.”

The actor was full of gratitude for his co-stars Jung Il Woo and Kang Ji Young, saying, “Maybe it’s because they’re playing the main characters, but they are both really good at acting, and they helped me stand out a bit more. I was really thankful to them.”

Yang Dae Hyuk also praised Jung Il Woo for his cooking skills. He revealed, “Since there was an eating scene in the drama, I got to try the noodles that he cooked. They were really delicious.”

Yang Dae Hyuk finished up the interview by talking about what the drama meant to him. “It was a drama about a love triangle, it also touched on the stories of sexual minorities,” he explained. “It’s a subject matter you don’t see often, but it wasn’t over-the-top and I think it touched on the topics that needed to be addressed. The food that appeared every episode brought a lot of comfort to people. I think I’ll remember it as a drama that can heal people. It will remain as one of my pleasant memories of 2020.”

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