Seo Ji Hoon, Yoon Hyun Min, And Hwang Jung Eum Continue A Complicated Love Triangle In “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”

KBS 2TV’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” released new stills of Hwang Jung Eum, Yoon Hyun Min, and Seo Ji Hoon!

“To All the Guys Who Loved Me” is a romantic comedy about a woman who has given up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks. After finally deciding that all men are alike, she suddenly gets caught between two completely opposite men both vying for her love.


Previously, Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum) and Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) continued to share fateful encounters. Seo Hyun Joo also came to believe Hwang Ji Woo was gay after hearing rumors and seeing him interact with Park Do Kyum (Seo Ji Hoon). Furthermore, Hwang Ji Woo tried to get Seo Hyun Joo to quit her job, and he even confessed that he intentionally went to the blind date.

Following Hwang Ji Woo’s shocking confession, the two have grown further apart. The newly released stills show Hwang Ji Woo and Seo Hyun Joo at a company dinner together. In order to mess with Hwang Ji Woo, Seo Hyun Joo keeps feeding him alcohol, but Hwang Ji Woo looks surprisingly fine with a comfortable smile on his face. However, the production team has revealed that Hwang Ji Woo will suddenly get drunk and carry out unexpected antics, letting go of his cold-hearted CEO image.

Furthermore, Seo Hyun Joo and Park Do Kyum enjoyed time to themselves in the previous episode. When it began to suddenly rain, they found shelter, but just as Park Do Kyum was about to confess his feelings, he was stopped by Hwang Ji Woo’s sudden appearance.

In a new set of heart-fluttering stills, Park Do Kyum decidedly approaches Seo Hyun Joo as if he’s about to express his feelings for her. Seo Hyun Joo also looks surprised at the change in Park Do Kyum’s attitude since she has only thought of him as a younger brother. Viewers are curious to find out her true feelings and what situation will unfold in the upcoming episode.

Another image shows Seo Hyun Joo’s mom Jung Young Soon (Hwang Young Hee) witnessing the scene between Seo Hyun Joo and Seo Ji Hoon with wide eyes. Jung Young Soon hasn’t been able to sleep well since Seo Hyun Joo declared she wouldn’t be getting married, so she is thoroughly shocked by the atmosphere between the two, especially since she had raised Park Do Kyum like a son. Nonetheless, she quickly dives into initiating a plan to get Seo Hyun Joo married.

The next episode of “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” airs on July 14 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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