8 K-Pop Songs That Are Absolute K-Drama OST Material

As you watch your favorite K-dramas and immerse yourself in every scene as if you were the main character, you might imagine a soundtrack of your choice playing in the background. If you’re a fan of both K-pop and K-dramas, you’ve probably thought about songs that you find so powerful and emotionally embedded that you could fit them right in as drama OSTs.

Here are some K-pop songs that have major K-drama OST potential!

1. Oh My Girl – “Nonstop”

This cute bop from Oh My Girl is all about having a crush on someone you were acquainted with for the longest time and have eventually fallen for. Sound familiar? Many dramas incorporate this trope where someone falls for their friend or two friends are secretly in love with each other. This song would be the best background music for scenes that highlight the chemistry between the two lovebirds.

Fitting dramas: “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” “Fight My Way

2. DAY6 – “Zombie”

Another musical life lesson is brought to you by DAY6 in “Zombie,” where they address the feeling of losing oneself in a mundane and chaotic world. Surely, this setting can be seen in a few dramas where light is shed on the burdensome pressure of society – be it studies, work, marriage, and so on – and the emptiness that plagues those who refuse to cave in.

Fitting dramas: “Incomplete Life,” “Because This Is My First Life,” “SKY Castle

3. SEVENTEEN – “I Wish”

Nothing feels lonelier than being in love with someone who is already taken. It looks like SEVENTEEN knows a thing or two about it, as it’s expressed vividly through their lyrics. This scenario is common both in K-pop songs and K-dramas, where a love triangle almost always ends in heartbreak for one of the main characters.

Fitting dramas: “Kill Me Heal Me,” “She Was Pretty

4. VIXX – “Don’t Want To Be An Idol”

Being an idol not only means hard work, but also sacrifice, and VIXX made sure to speak up about it. When a job comes in the way of one’s social life or love life, it becomes difficult to manage and carry on at the same pace as before. Idol-themed dramas often hint at this side of living life under the spotlight, and they don’t shy away from pinpointing all the flaws that come with it through specific scenes where a song like “Don’t Want To Be An Idol” would fit like a glove.

Fitting dramas: “Absolute Boyfriend,” “Her Private Life

5. DreamCatcher – “Chase Me”

DreamCatcher’s spooky rock sound is perfect for every thriller drama, and it gets even more bonus points for ghost storylines. Whether the main character is chasing or being chased due to unfinished business, there is always an action-filled scene that keeps viewers on their toes as they anticipate what happens next, and “Chase Me” is the perfect soundtrack to give that scene the right amount of an adrenaline rush.

Fitting dramas: “Master’s Sun,” “Oh My Ghostess,” “Hotel Del Luna

6. BLACKPINK – “Stay”

While not all dramas have happy endings, some of them do, and even then, they just have to put us viewers through an agonizing roller coaster of emotions before we finally get that heartwarming ending. “Stay” perfectly embodies the feeling of longing for someone to stay by your side despite the ongoing quarrels or differences you may have.

Fitting dramas: “Suspicious Partner,” “Doctor John

7. IU feat. BTS’s Suga – “eight”

Focusing on the theme of coming of age and how it entangles with the concept of happiness, “eight” is the OST of choice for all dramas that tackle these topics. Naturally, this beautifully-penned track can easily become the theme song for the “Reply” series.

Fitting dramas: “Reply 1997,” “Reply 1994,” “Reply 1988

8. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa – “Maria”

Hwasa has always been one of the most vocal female idols out there, proving herself at every turn and never going easy on anyone who comes at her. “Maria” is another musical statement of hers where she stands high and proud of herself and acknowledges her worth. In the past couple of years, more K-dramas have been shedding light on women’s empowerment, be it in leading roles with notable attributes or careers or through an all-female leading cast. Wanna bet that “Maria” can easily slide in the background of many drama scenes with these types of characters?

Fitting dramas: “Witch’s Court,” “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” “Search: WWW

Which K-pop song would make the perfect drama OST in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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