Apink's Jung Eun Ji Opens Up About Solo Comeback, Future Goals, Love For Fans, And More

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji is making her return as a solo artist!

On July 15 at 6 p.m. KST, Jung Eun Ji will be releasing her fourth solo mini album “Simple.” She sat down to discuss her new comeback, talking about the mini album, her experience working with other artists, her future goals, and more.

When asked how she felt about making her first solo comeback in a while, Jung Eun Ji said, “I’m nervous and shaking because it’s my first comeback in a while, it feels similar to when I released my first album. I think it’s because I want to be able to live up to the anticipation of fans who have been waiting for this.”

She talked about the positive reactions she’s received for her upcoming mini album’s teasers, and said, “I feel like all of that work was so worth it because it got a good reaction from fans. People at our agency and the crew working with me on my YouTube videos all helped out so I could put more of myself into the concept. Everyone worked so hard.”

Expressing that the new mini album “Simple” is a story about one’s heart, Jung Eun Ji said, “I started working on the album thinking about ‘What do I really want to do?’ and ‘What could I do when I want to provide comfort?'” She described title track “AWay” as, “It’s the most refreshing and light song in the mini album. If my previous songs had a warmer aura to them, ‘AWay’ has a more refreshing sound with a band. I hope the song will give strength to people who are feeling worn out by the summer heat.”

When asked how Jung Eun Ji finds comfort or relieves stress, she said, “I’m still in the process of finding it. I draw and I play games, but that only allows me to stop thinking for a moment. But I enjoy and am grateful to be able to meet good people and have good conversations with them.”

Just like her third solo mini album, Jung Eun Ji was in charge of producing all the songs in her latest mini album. Talking about what she focused on, Jung Eun Ji said, “I thought a lot about what kind of music I want to make. The more I work on music, the more I think about what kind of music I want to make, but also what kind of music fans who love my songs can listen to for a long time.”

In the album creation process, Jung Eun Ji worked with Sunwoo JungA, 10cm, and So Soo Bin, and she stated, “Just the fact that artists I like participated in this album has been such a gift for me. They each have their own music style, so I learned a lot. I’ve had experience working with them in the past, so we all felt more comfortable and had more fun this time around.”

When asked what kind of music she hopes to do in the future and what her goals are, Jung Eun Ji stated, “This is an album that comes after a lot of thinking about what kind of music I want to create, so I have a lot of affection for ‘Simple.’ Even if the genres change, I hope the albums I release in the future will keep comforting and connecting with people.” She added, “I plan to stay active in a variety of ways in the future, not just through albums. I want to keep greeting people through Apink, and I also want to keep acting as well.”

Finally, Jung Eun Ji shared a warm message for the fans who have been waiting for her solo comeback. She stated, “Although I do greet fans every day as a radio DJ, I’m still feeling nervous and excited to be returning as a solo artist. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to hold concerts, and I hope there will soon come a time when I can see your faces and sing in the same space as you. Please stay healthy so we can sing together again in a concert venue.”

Jung Eun Ji will be making her return with mini album “Simple” and title track “AWay” at 6 p.m. KST on July 15. Don’t forget to check out teasers for the comeback here!

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