Watch: IU Thrills Oh My Girl’s Seunghee And Hyojung As She Explains Why She’s Their Big Fan

IU invited Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Hyojung on to her YouTube show!

The star has been hosting a video series titled “IU’s Homebody Signal,” and her latest episode features the two Oh My Girl members.

When Oh My Girl’s mini album “NONSTOP” came out in May, IU shared on Instagram that she was really enjoying their b-side “Dolphin.” The artists have since been showing their love for each other, with YooA releasing a cover of IU’s “eight” that IU boosted on her own Instagram, Oh My Girl sending IU a food truck on her film set, and more.

On the July 15 episode of “IU’s Homebody Signal,” IU invited Seunghee and Hyojung as the first-ever guests on her show. The trio excitedly began their chat together with the Oh My Girl members introducing each other and sharing that they’ve watched the show before. IU thanked them and said, “I like Oh My Girl so much too!”

She mentioned how Oh My Girl’s been gaining more and more popularity and growing with each new release. “I’ve been very happy as someone who’s been watching you,” she said.

Hyojung pointed out that after IU mentioned “Dolphin,” it rose on the music charts. IU first laughed but then said, “Did it really?!” and they confirmed it with big smiles.

IU explained that she enjoys watching SBS’s “Inkigayo” on Sundays sometimes. “I slept in and turned on the TV, and Oh My Girl happened to be on the show at the time,” she said. “I hadn’t heard ‘Dolphin’ before then, but I just loved it. Your look was also so new and refreshing, and I felt a bit excited and nervous, despite being a long-time fan. I went, ‘What’s this? Why are these lyrics so good? Why is their performance so good?'” She explained that she’d uploaded her Instagram story right after the show.


Seunghee shared how excited she was to find out they were going to be on the show with IU and said she’d even dyed her hair because of it, despite the group being on vacation.

IU talked about how she came to be a fan of Oh My girl, sharing that they used to go to the same salon for a long time and she’d only heard good things about the group through that. “Actually, I watch everything you’re in,” she shared, making Hyojung say she got goosebumps. IU praised their energy and hard work, and she said it inspires her.

IU also brought up how Hyojung had come to her concert in Busan with Mimi. “I’ve been wanting to go to your concert so much!” said Hyojung. IU revealed that Hyojung had gifted her with a mood light that she’d made herself. “I was so grateful!” IU said and talked about how beautiful it is.

“When we have concerts again, I’ll be sure to invite you!” promised IU. “So bring every Oh My Girl member who can make it.”

More of the episode includes IU getting surprised by the strength of Hyojung’s homemade apple wine, Seunghee introducing them to the refreshing taste of frozen oranges, and the trio making a fruit punch together.

Check out the show with English subtitles below! Another episode will be coming soon.

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