Update: ILUV’s Agency Responds To Claims That Former Member Minah Was Bullied By Members + She Disputes Their Assertions

Updated July 16 KST:

Former ILUV member Minah responded via Instagram to further claims from a representative of the group.

Warning: discussion of suicide

On the evening of July 16, news outlet OSEN published an article with quotes from a representative of ILUV, following the release of the agency WKS ENE’s statement (see original article below).

The representative said in a call with OSEN that while Minah has stated that her contract was terminated, this is not the case. The source also stated, “Minah’s solo album was being prepared for at the company. During the process of setting up BOTOPASS, the ILUV members were fairly given the chance to audition so we tried to complete the group again. Minah was also offered the opportunity to audition, but she didn’t take part because of her health issue. So the company was also thinking about Minah’s solo album.”

The source went on to say that while they tried to contact Minah after she uploaded her social media posts, she refused to meet with them in person and told her they should talk through lawyers. They said, “We requested through her lawyer that she no longer defame and spread false information about the members, however she wrote a post asking why she should keep the unjust things she’s gone through a secret.”

Later that evening, Minah posted a screenshot of Instagram direct messages she received from someone who appears to be a malicious commenter, who told her to die.

Her post is as follows:

Do I have to die for this to be over?

Will you finally believe me then?

I wasn’t going to post on social media, but I kept getting angry over news articles about me.

My depression, panic disorder, and insomnia came about after I joined the company and they were caused by the members. Everyone in the company knows.

Everyone knew that I was having a hard time because of the members.

You told me not to work until the fall. I’ve never even heard about a solo album. Stop lying.

And don’t message me over KakaoTalk using informal speech. We don’t know each other now, but you’re rude so I’ll move on.

Should we disclose the certificate of contents? Can you handle it?

Did you think I’d sign the confidentiality agreement you sent me? Why am I not allowed to tell my own story? Are you afraid of what I’ll say?

You sent me a confidentiality agreement because what I’m saying is true.

I’m powerless and I can’t put out my own articles either, so the only place I can tell my side of the story is here.

I almost died and now I’m not scared of anything.

For your information, Sooyeon is mentioned in the news but it’s not Sooyeon. I never mentioned her.

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이 일은 제가 죽어야 끝나는걸까요? 그래야 제 말 믿어줘요? sns 안하려고 했는데 제 기사 소식을 접하면서 계속 하게 되네요.. 내 우울증 공황장애 불면증은 회사에 들어가서 멤버들로 인해 생긴거라고 회사 사람들 다 알잖아요 멤버들때문에 힘든 거 다 알고 계셨고 저보고 가을까지 활동 중단하라면서요… 솔로 앨범은 들어 본 적도 없네요 거짓말 그만하세요 그리고 카톡으로 반말하지마세요 이제 모르는 사인데 예의가 없으셔서 짚고 넘어갈게요 내용 증명 내용 공개할까요? 감당되세요? 저한테 비밀 유지 각서 보내면 제가 사인을 할 거라고 생각하신건가요? 왜 내 얘기를 내가 하면 안되는데요? 두려우신거죠? 제가 뭘 말할지 모르니까 제 말이 사실이니까 비밀 유지 각서를 보낸거잖아요 저는 힘도 없고 뉴스도 못내서 제 얘기 여기서밖에 못해요 죽다 살아나서 눈에 뵈는 게 없어요 저 아 참고로 뉴스에는 수연언니도 언급 되는데 수연언니는 아니에요 전 언니 언급한 적없어요

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Original Article:

Entertainment agency WKS ENE has spoken up about the claims involving their former group ILUV and former member Minah.

It was recently revealed that former ILUV member Minah had attempted to take her own life after being a victim of bullying. Minah had joined ILUV in November 2019 and promoted with the song “Open the Door” before leaving the group. An anonymous, unconfirmed post on an online community claims that Minah had been bullied by the members while promoting as part of ILUV and was suffering from depression and insomnia.

On July 13, Minah made a post about her situation on Instagram that reads as follows:

Thanks to my lawyer, I was able to terminate my exclusive contract with the company.

I want to thank my fans, friends, and family who have been supporting me and worrying about me.

I was taking a break from my activities due to depression, panic disorder, and insomnia, and I want to thank all of you for your supportive messages and fan letters. They gave me so much strength.

I also want to really thank my lawyer for making me happy.

Now I’m going to go back to my original self.

My psychiatrist told me, “You have a healthy personality that doesn’t require any psychiatric help. You are a person full of passion for your dreams. You didn’t do anything wrong.”

When I heard those words, I cried a lot. I agree with what my psychiatrist said.

I, too, know that I did nothing wrong. As I’m writing this, I feel very happy.

I want to thank composer Yoon Sang Jo for giving me many lines in the good song “Open the Door,” even though I may have been lacking. Thank you for giving me unforgettable happiness.

I want to thank our teacher Ko Young Won, who made the choreography for “Open the Door,” for often giving me warm compliments.

I had a hard time with depression, panic disorder, and insomnia, and I was able to heal with the song and dance.

And I want to thank my teacher Jung Pil Gyu for always listening to me, worrying about me, and giving me warm advice and consolation. You appreciated my skills and taught me many things.

I will be healthier and return to my old self.

I will continue to be active in the entertainment industry.

I’ve never given up on my dreams.

I will continue to be active in the future.

I hope everyone who reads this will be healthy and happy!

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Then on July 15, she gave another update on her Instagram that reads as follows:

I posted a message two days ago and a lot of people contacted me.

Thank you so much for your concern…

Thank you very much. I’m sorry I haven’t replied to everyone yet.

It’s the first time my phone has been ringing non-stop with calls and messages.

Many people are asking if I ate and if I’m okay now.

I’m still unable to eat. I currently weigh 36 kilograms (approximately 79 pounds).

As for how I’m doing, I don’t know.

One thing I can tell you is that I got a call from the company asking me to keep this a secret.

I don’t know why I have to keep it a secret.

Shouldn’t you apologize?

I want to receive an apology from the people who gave me a hard time.

They’re probably watching this secretly.

Think about it if you have a conscience.

I’m dying. Is that what you want? For me to die?

I know you’re watching this secretly.

Don’t hide.

I’m in enough pain right now, so please don’t bother me.

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I posted a message two days ago and a lot of people contacted me. Thank you so much for your concern… Thank you very much. I'm sorry I haven't finished your reply yet. It's my first time to experience a hot phone. Many people are asking if we ate. Many people asked me if I was okay now. I still can't eat it. I am currently 36kg. One thing I can tell you is that I got a call from the company asking me to keep it a secret. I don't know why I have to keep it a secret. Shouldn't you apologize? I want to be apologized to the people who gave me a hard time. They're probably watching this secretly. Think about it if you have a conscience. I'm dying. I know you're watching secretly. Don't hide.

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On the same day, Minah revealed through a video on her YouTube channel Cocoah that she had tried to take her own life the past day. Fortunately, she was saved just in time by a police officer, whom she thanked in the video. She confessed that she was struggling and pleaded the people who were bullying her to stop.

Reportedly, the former members of the now-disbanded girl group ILUV are preparing to re-debut in the same agency as part of a new girl group called BOTOPASS in August.

The agency responded to the rumors surrounding Minah and the other ILUV members with the following official statement:

This is WKS ENE.

We would like to express the agency’s position on the false information about Minah being harassed by all six members of ILUV. With rumors of verbal abuse and assault circulating recently, we realize this could seriously defame our agency’s artists and the former members who are finding their own paths, so we decided to give an explanation on the matter.

Minah has been on a break since January for health reasons. The agency wanted to give her a chance for a new project, but she stated that she needed more time to recover, so we allowed her to extend her break. It is unfortunate that such an incident has occurred in this situation.

WKS ENE and the six former members of ILUV want to make it clear that her claims are not true. For some reason, Minah is refusing to meet us, but we read on her social media account that she is suffering from mental illnesses, such as severe insomnia, so we tried to refrain from taking further action while hoping her health would recover.

The six members are shocked and hurt by the one-sided and absurd claims made by one person who is stating that she is experiencing difficulties with mental health. It is especially puzzling how she could accuse a member who had not lived at the dorm with her.

Nevertheless, we have no choice but to take separate legal action to protect our artists from actions that continue to spread groundless content and damage their image and reputation. Also, we would like to ask you to please refrain from writing speculative articles or malicious comments based on unconfirmed information, and if you posted something due to a misunderstanding, we would appreciate it if you could voluntarily take it down.

We apologize for the delay in our response. The agency needed to confirm the exact facts about what Minah claimed before expressing our position. Thank you.

If you would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help and reach out. Click here for a list of international hotlines that you can call, and if you can’t find your country listed, please call your local emergency number.

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