FNC Reveals Rowoon Is Recovering From Injury + Announces Legal Action Against Malicious Rumors On SF9

On July 16, FNC Entertainment released a statement revealing that SF9’s Rowoon is suffering from an injury and also announcing that the agency is considering legal action on malicious rumors regarding SF9.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We’d like to thank all the fans who love SF9, but we have some unfortunate news to share about member Rowoon.

On the night of July 15 during a scheduled activity that SF9 carried out as a group, Rowoon expressed back and knee pain.

After undergoing a thorough examination at the hospital on the morning of July 16, the doctor advised that he avoid intense movement, including the current choreography, and shared that if he uses his body too much, his physical condition will worsen.

As per the doctor’s recommendation, it was decided that Rowoon’s [participation] in scheduled activities will inevitably be adjusted.

Until Rowoon is fully recovered, we will do our best to ensure that he can participate with caution in activities promised with fans except for activities accompanied by intense choreography.

As for their online concert NOOB CON that is scheduled for August 8, it will be temporarily postponed to show the best performance possible, so we ask for your understanding.

With our artists’ health a top priority, we will do our best to ensure Rowoon’s speedy recovery and that his injury does not deteriorate any further.

We will also share updates about Rowoon’s recovery process and his future activities in order to not cause concern to fans.

Lastly, for the protection of our artists, we are considering strong legal action against the spread of malicious rumors and baseless slander regarding SF9.

We ask for your continued support and love for SF9’s future activities.

Thank you.

SF9 is currently promoting “Summer Breeze,” the title track from the group’s eighth mini album “9loryUS.”

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