Keywords To Remember Ahead Of Upcoming Black Comedy Drama “CHIP-IN”

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “CHIP-IN” is set to bring a chill to the summer heat. The black comedy has shared three keywords to drum up anticipation for the upcoming premiere.

Indoors mystery

“CHIP-IN” will be a battle of wits between nine people who have gathered at the home of a famous artist with a massive fortune. All of the incidents, and all of the time spent solving such mysteries, will take place inside the house. The drama will transform the inside of a home, which is usually a place that people find comfortable and familiar, into a scene of mysteries and puzzles, showing how people react when faced with an unfamiliar situation in the space they know best.


As the name of the drama, the term refers to an idiom that literally means when ten people contribute a bite of food, it is enough to feed one person. Most of the time, the idiom is used in a positive way to say that if people work together, they can create good results. However, the drama begins on the premise that if everyone chips in, it can create the worst case scenario. But then, who should shoulder the responsibility? The drama will follow the nine characters as their small actions have ripple effects and make viewers think about personal greed and the lengths people will go to attain what they want.

The worst family

In the teaser that has been released, Yoo Bit Na (played by Kim Hye Joon) looks at her family and says, “These people are truly the worst family, without even the slightest bit of consideration or respect that a person should show.” It will be interesting to see why the family, who are gathered at the table and laughing as they share conversations, is being called the worst family.

The nine people are connected to each other by blood, love, or contractual obligations. However, they are also willing to cooperate with or betray each other if it is for their own personal benefit. Viewers will find the drama even more enjoyable if they keep an eye on how the nine characters continue to change and evolve around their personal relationships with each other.

MBC’s “CHIP-IN” is the follow-up drama to the recently-concluded “Dinner Mate,” and stars Kim Hye Joon, Oh Na Ra, Nam Moon Chul, Kim Jung Young, and more. The drama premieres on July 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

Check out a teaser for the drama below!

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