The Boyz Releases Statement Regarding Invasions Of Members' Privacy

On July 17, Cre.ker Entertainment released a statement on Twitter about recent invasions of the members’ privacy.

The statement reads:

Hello, this is the person in charge of The Boyz.

First, we would like to thank all the fans who have sent their support for The Boyz.

Despite the fact that we have made multiple statements like this before, we are once again making a statement about the multiple invasions of our artists’ private lives, such as intruding on their private schedules and private spaces (e.g. the agency, the dorm, the hair salon) by talking to the members or filming them, and following them around in their private movements.

Behavior such as intruding upon the agency, dorm, hair salon, and the members’ private schedules makes it difficult for us to protect our artists. Please refrain from behavior that not only inflicts damage on the artists, but also the other employees and regular citizens who are also using these spaces.

Regarding our agency building, this is a space that Cre.ker Entertainment occupies with other companies. To attempt to talk to our artists or block their movements is harmful not only to the artists but also the people around them.

Regarding those who have already intruded and caused this damage, they are exploiting the fact that they are permanently banned from fan participation events and other promotions by ignoring the staff members’ attempts to restrain them and continuing to infringe on the members’ private lives.

After this statement, if the behavior outlined above continues to happen and these spaces continue to be invaded and filmed, then we will immediately implement bans from all fan participation events and other promotions without warning. Moreover, also without warning, we will also review legal action using black box footage from cars and CCTV footage from buildings. (Do not take advantage of the fact that you can hide your face using masks.)

Moreover, illegally acquiring our artists’ contact information and continuously sending them messages and calls are acts that violate laws regarding the protection of personal information. Due to these issues, our artists are finding it difficult not only to carry out their work but also live their regular lives. Please refrain from behavior like stealing their personal information and contacting them in order to protect the schedules and private lives of our artists.

Once again, we ask for everyone’s cooperation so that discomfort does not arise between the fans and the artists.

Thank you.

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