Oh Na Ra And Kim Hye Joon Share Excitement For Their Mother-Daughter Chemistry In New Drama

Kim Hye Joon and Oh Na Ra have expressed their excitement for their upcoming MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “CHIP-IN.”

“CHIP-IN” will be a black comedy mystery drama that follows nine people as they gather at the home of a famous artist in the hopes of getting his inheritance. Kim Hye Joon will take on the role of Yoo Bit Na and Oh Na Ra will play her mother Kim Ji Hye.

When asked how she felt about working with Oh Na Ra, Kim Hye Joon said, “She’s so friendly and fun. She asked me to call her unnie [older sister], so that’s what I call her. When we’re acting, she leads me well like a mother, but off-camera, we chat a lot and joke around like sisters.” Kim Hye Joon also said she was flattered that people think they look similar as she added, “When we did our first script reading, even she said that I resemble her. I was happy because she’s someone I’ve always liked, and I think we really do look alike.”

Oh Na Ra partially attributed their closeness to the dynamics between their characters as she said, “In the drama, Ji Hye and Bit Na are more like friends than a mother and daughter. Actually, it’s usually the mature daughter nagging at the childish mother for our characters. In order to get that kind of ‘Tom and Jerry’ chemistry, we’re pretty close off-camera as well.” She added, “We made the effort to become close by following each other on social media and cooking together. Our chemistry is so good that I think we could get the Best Couple Award at the MBC Drama Awards this year.”

The two actresses also highlighted the great chemistry between all the cast members on set. Kim Hye Joon stated, “Although the drama has a dark atmosphere, the set is so lively and fun. It’s almost impossible to not laugh. Everyone is brimming with passion and consideration, so we have great synergy on set.” Oh Na Ra agreed with the sentiment and added, “None of us knew who the culprit was until the last episode’s script came out. So we were suspicious of each other and throwing out theories to mull over. That made filming more fun, and helped make the scenes feel more natural.”

Kim Hye Joon and Oh Na Ra’s chemistry, as well as the intriguing story they will dive into, will be revealed with the premiere of “CHIP-IN,” which will take place on July 22 at 9:30 p.m. KST. The drama will be available on Viki, check out a teaser below!

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