Watch: EXID’s Solji Pairs Up With IRO To Sing Cover Of Lee Hi’s “Breathe” On “Immortal Songs”

On the July 18 broadcast of KBS’s “Immortal Songs,” celebrities were invited to perform with their close friends in a new special.

Performing first in this episode was EXID’s Solji and IRO. Solji recently made a comeback as a solo artist with “Rains Again.” IRO is a singer who also goes by the name Song Yi. She and Solji worked together as part of the group 2NB from 2008 to 2011.

Solji said, “I was in a group with IRO in 2008. She’s a close friend and colleague. When something like this comes up, she’s the first person I think of.”

IRO said, “She came up to me nonchalantly and asked if I wanted to go on ‘Immortal Songs.’ As a singer, this is a stage that you can only dream of. I found myself tearing up a little at the thought of being on here.”

Solji continued, “She’s really like a younger sister. During our hard times, we would share a meal and talk about what kind of songs we wanted to practice together. I really wanted at least one of us to do well, so that we could lead the other.” IRO added, “I feel inspired to work when I see how successful she’s become. She’s my pride.”

The two friends gave a tearful performance of Lee Hi’s “Breathe,” embracing each other at the end of the song. The duo had chosen the song in order to send a message of comfort to each other. Trot singer Kim Ho Joong commented, “There are a lot of stories between them that we’ll never know, but we felt how precious their relationship was through their music.”

Solji and IRO won the round against Kim Na Hee and Park Seo Jin, but later lost to Jang Eun Ah and Ali, who sang “Defying Gravity.”

Check out Solji and IRO’s performance below!

Check out an episode of “Immortal Songs” below!

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