Watch: SEVENTEEN Hilariously Imitates One Another After Switching Parts For

SEVENTEEN has shared a hilarious new version of “Left & Right“!

On July 19, the group released a fun video of themselves dancing to their latest title track—except with their parts switched.

In true SEVENTEEN fashion, the group took things a step further than the typical part-switch dance video: instead of just swapping parts, each of the members made a complete transformation into the member that he was covering, imitating his mannerisms and even referencing some inside jokes that fans will recognize immediately.

Highlights of the video include Hoshi pretending to be knocked to the ground by a flying kick from Seungkwan, Jun and Joshua acting out a physical altercation involving a ukulele, S.Coups tripping over a meditating Jeonghan, DK and The8 rubbing their chests together in an overly affectionate hug, Woozi pretending to shave Dino’s face, and Mingyu constantly attempting to bite the other members.

Towards the end of the clip, Joshua and Dino also hilariously act out the infamous “black plastic bag” fight between DK and Mingyu, with Dino angrily throwing a plastic bag on the floor,  then sheepishly complying when Joshua orders him to pick it up.

Check out SEVENTEEN’s new part-switch version of “Left & Right” below, and let us know what your favorite parts were in the comments!

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