Watch: Kim Jong Kook, Yang Se Chan, And Hwang Je Sung Get Competitive With A Dip In Cold Water

On the July 19 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” Kim Jong Kook hung out with Ji Suk Jin, Hwang Je Sung, and Yang Se Chan.

While chatting, Yang Se Chan brought up the hit drama “The World of the Married” as he asked, “It’s possible to meet your ideal type after you get married, but do you get any feelings for them?” Ji Suk Jin answered, “After you get married, you just say ‘they’re okay’ and move on. But you don’t ever mention it. My wife is probably the same too.”

However, he continued, “My wife honestly just tells me also. While watching TV, she’ll go, ‘In my next life, I’m going to meet a man like that.’ She tells me to pay attention to fashion. She says I’m not her ideal type.”

The group then went to the nearby stream to take a dip in the water. Kim Jong Kook was the first to head in and announced that the water was really refreshing and not cold at all. Trusting him, Yang Se Chan stepped in before immediately exclaiming how cold it was, with Hwang Je Sung adding, “I’m getting chills!”

Later, Hwang Je Sung confirmed that he had attended a class to strengthen his stamina. He clarified, “I didn’t go because I was lacking, I went to film.”

Ji Suk Jin immediately targeted Kim Jong Kook saying, “You should go too. You must’ve begun working out because you thought something was lacking about your body.” Kim Jong Kook hilariously retorted, “My male hormone level is 9.24,” when most Korean males around his age typically have levels around 4.

To prove his testosterone levels are just as high as Kim Jong Kook’s, Yang Se Chan volunteered to jump into the cold stream, later being joined by Kim Jong Kook and Hwang Je Sung as they chaotically jumped around in the cold water.

This full episode of “My Ugly Duckling” will soon be available on Viki.
In the meantime, catch last week’s episode below!

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