Update: Nayoung And Hyunyoung Join Kwon Hyun Bin (VIINI) In Hacker Web Drama

Updated July 23 KST: 

More cast members have been confirmed for the new web drama “Romance Hacker” (literal title).

On July 23, LIONHEART Entertainment confirmed that Rainbow’s Hyunyoung had been cast in the role of Hye Soo. Hye Soo is the head of a “white” hacker group (“white” hackers are hackers who use their skills for legal or ethical purposes) who believes in making the world a better place through hacking. She follows logic rather than her emotions and is known for her leadership skills.

Hyunyoung said, “I’m happy to be greeting everyone for the first time in a while through ‘Romance Hacker.’ The script is really interesting, so I think that viewers will enjoy it. I will also work hard to show good acting through this project, so please look forward to ‘Romance Hacker.'”

Hyunyoung will also appear in the upcoming MBC every1 drama “Can’t Be Bothered to Date, But Don’t Want to Be Lonely” (literal title).

A day earlier, Sublime Artist Agency confirmed that former PRISTIN member Lim Nayoung had been cast as the female lead in the web drama. Nayoung will play the role of Joo Hee, a clumsy, easygoing, honest young woman who has grown skilled at one-sided crushes because of her strict father. She dreams of a manga-like romance and is childhood friends with Kwon Hyun Bin’s character, Jae Min.

Nayoung said, “I’m grateful to be able to greet everyone through ‘Romance Hacker.’ It’s the first time I’m taking on a lead role, so I’m preparing to film with a half-worried, half-excited heart. I will work hard so that this excited nervousness will lead to better acting. I think that I will be able to show a more diverse and new side of myself through this project. Please look forward to it.”

Nayoung is also appearing in the upcoming tvN drama “Flower of Evil.”

“Romance Hacker” is slated to premiere in October.

Check out a teaser for “Flower of Evil” on Viki below!

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Original Article: 

Kwon Hyun Bin (VIINI) has been cast in a new web drama!

Titled “Romance Hacker” (literal translation), the web drama is an action comedy about hackers who get involved in the “Jeju International Stock Exchange,” which is based on the concept of blockchain cryptocurrency.

Kwon Hyun Bin will play the role of Jae Min, a university student who is also a genius hacker. He is a character with talented analytical skills, but is passionate and naive when it comes to love.

Kwon Hyun Bin has previously appeared in web dramas such as “Café Kilimanjaro,” “The World of My 17,” dramas like “Borg Mom” and “Part-Time Idol,” and recently has been confirmed to join the sitcom “Don’t Let Go of Your Mind.”

“Romance Hacker” is currently filming with the goal of airing sometime in October.

Check out the drama “Borg Mom” on Viki below!

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