AB6IX Shares Thoughts On The Meaning Of The Phrase “Be Myself”

AB6IX showed off mature looks for a pictorial with the magazine Arena Homme+!

The members explained the concept for the photo shoot: “Be Myself.” Lee Dae Hwi said, “Be yourself — we are all different. We don’t have any similarities with anyone else. Our names and birth dates are all different, so how can we be the same?”

He continued, “Since we are all different, if I just ‘be myself,’ I will become different from everyone. We’re all people with different lights.”

Kim Dong Hyun shared his take on the phrase. He said, “It’s about being able to speak my mind properly without being swayed by what others say.”

He added, “However, one must read the room and know for sure what to let go of without just doing whatever they want to do.”

Jeon Woong revealed his thoughts as well. “It’s about laughing and moving on,” he said. “Living positively won’t hurt you.”

Meanwhile, Park Woo Jin commented honestly that he doesn’t know what it means to be himself yet. He said, “I want to show a side of me that even I haven’t found yet through the music I’ve planned to make from the start.” He added, “I’m curious about what version of me I’ll become.”

AB6IX’s full interview and pictorial will be available in the August issue of Arena Homme+.

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