Watch: Kim Woo Seok, Han Sung Min, A.C.E’s Chan, And More Test Chemistry At “Twenty-Twenty” Script Reading

Upcoming web drama “Twenty-Twenty” shared a look at its first script reading!

“Twenty-Twenty” will tell the stories of 20-year-olds who work to find their dreams as they experience freedom and responsibilities for the first time.

The behind-the-scenes video of the script reading, which took place in March, begins with A.C.E’s Chan, Jin Ho Eun, and UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok playfully introducing themselves as their characters to the camera. Kim Woo Seok hesitantly says, “Hi, I’m Hyun Jin,” and Chan asks, “Why are you being so shy?” and the three introduce themselves again.

Chan secretly praises Kim Woo Seok to the camera, “His handsome side profile.” Jin Ho Eun adds, “It’s shocking,” and Chan continues, “I think I’ll be cut by his jaw.” However, when he gets caught by Kim Woo Seok, Chan says, “Oh, Hyun Jin, you heard? I’m sorry.”

When the script reading begins, the actors introduce themselves one at a time and quickly immerse themselves into their roles. In a separate interview, Han Sung Min shares, “Da Hee seems like an unapproachable, cold, and haughty character at first sight. Having grown up within the boundaries made by her mother and living distanced from the world, she meets friends after entering college and feels the excitement, changes, and experiences of being 20. Da Hee’s charm is that everything is her first time.”

Kim Woo Seok shares, “Hyun Jin is a character with a lot of scars on the inside. He has a lot of affection, which isn’t shown outwardly. He also thinks a lot about his friends, and after meeting Da Hee, he changes a lot.”

Bae Hae Sun will be taking on the role of Chae Dae Hee’s mother Chae Yoon Jung who has high expectations for her daughter. Park Sang Nam will be playing Jung Ha Joon, a popular character with a hidden secret.

Furthermore, Chan and Jin Ho Eun will be playing Lee Hyun Jin’s friends Son Bo Hyun and Kang Dae Geun. Chan shares, “Son Bo Hyun is a character who really likes his friends and enjoys playing around. He has a lot of affection, and he is a character who can give positive energy to people.” Jin Ho Eun introduces his character Kang Dae Geun as the leader of their crew who also acts as the pillar of support in the group.

Lee Seung Il will be playing Kwon Ki Joong who will annoy Chae Da Hee and Jung Ha Joon a lot as a petty and awkward character, and Chae Won Bin will be playing Baek Ye Eun who has a cool outward attitude but a lot of hidden affection on the inside.

The actors conclude by sharing their resolves and hopes for viewers to tune into “Twenty-Twenty.”

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

A new project by “A-TEEN” series director Han Su Ji, “Twenty-Twenty” will premiere on August 22 at 7 p.m. KST through Playlist Studio’s YouTube channel and VLIVE.

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