11 Tropical K-Pop Songs To Give You Vacation Vibes

When we think about summer vacations, the first location that comes to mind is tropical areas. Nothing says “chill vacation” like an island with blue skies, clear water, and white sand (and let’s not forget the beautiful palm trees!) While we can’t do much traveling at the moment even if we want to, we can at least close our eyes and imagine we’re in another place through a selection of K-pop music that lets you wander through the tropical vibes.

Here are 11 K-pop songs that will immerse you in a mix of tropical scenery and sound.

1. SHINee – “I Want You”

We’re starting this listicle with a glimpse of the tropical house genre brought to you by SHINee. The fresh and vibrant sound is set to take you on a funky trip as you enjoy the explosive energy emitted by the lyrics and the clip.


Another house track is TWICE’s recent title song “MORE & MORE,” which is heavily (and gracefully) embedded with a bohemian signature crowning the hypnotizing components of the song. What more could we ask for?

3. Eric Nam – “Honestly…”

This feels like a song you could play during a road trip… or during nap time when you imagine yourself on a road trip heading towards your favorite destination. Honestly, the mesmerizing instrumentals are just right and will take you places.

4. Chungha – “Why Don’t You Know”

Choosing an exotic sound to kickstart her solo career, Chungha uses all of the aesthetic and melodic elements that can make her single pop. The flying dolphins are sure a nice touch, don’t you think?

5. WINNER – “Island”

Combining visual and auditory tropical aspects, WINNER is taking us on a fun tour around their island, exuding a chill and rejuvenating aura as the quartet playfully has a good time together.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “Cover Up”

Here is a song for you that perfectly covers tropical house through its instrumentals. Plus, it looks like there is no need for a music video when Taeyeon’s vocals are conveying plenty of good feels on their own.

7. BTS – “Save Me”

Fusing tropical house and electropop, BTS takes us on a cloudy hike with a delicate choreography to accompany the dreamy melody where they sing of love, sorrow, and salvation.

8. JBJ95 – “Awake”

JBJ95 is in the house and so is their beat! The song’s energetic tune is set to have you dance and twirl in excitement. And if you have trouble waking up in the morning, you know which song to go with as your ringtone!

9. ASTRO – “Baby”

Complete with a charming and colorful music video, ASTRO reminisces about the good old times and rekindles good vibes through this adorable tropical piece.

10. EXO – “Ko Ko Bop”

EXO is another group that experimented with the tropical vibe, and they got it just right! Fused with a little bit of reggae, the popping jam has been an earworm when it first came out, and its flame is far from being extinguished!

11. BLACKPINK – “Playing With Fire”

The song’s title and music video scenes are not the only ones catching fire, since this single itself introduces a flamboyant tropical sound that makes BLACKPINK’s strong vocals pop.

Which K-pop song is your ultimate tropical jam? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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