Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, And More Confirmed For Upcoming TV Chosun Drama About Revenge

TV Chosun’s upcoming weekend drama “Get Revenge” (literal title) has confirmed its main cast!

“Get Revenge” is described as a “mystery social revenge drama” in which Kang Hae Ra is given the opportunity to get her revenge and fight against powerful people in society.

Kim Sa Rang has been cast in the role of Kang Hae Ra, who went from a reporter to one of Korea’s hottest influencers after marrying a public figure. She had to be the head of her household from a young age and grew up to be a role model for reporters, but a false scandal had her plummeting to the bottom. Since then, she has wanted to get revenge, and she finally gets the chance.

Joining her is Yoon Hyun Min as Cha Min Joon, a cold lawyer who has a 100 percent success rate. After a plot throws his entire family into ruin, he focuses his talents and brains into nothing but success and revenge.

Yoo Sun will play the role of Kim Tae On, the only heir to the FB Group who will stop at nothing to inherit the company. She was born into wealth and has always gotten her way in life, but a moment’s mistake and the appearance of an unexpected person begins to show her strong but cruel side. Playing her father is Jung Man Sik as Kim Sang Gu, who doesn’t feel affection towards his only daughter and thinks of nothing but growing his company.

Yoon So Yi will take on the role of Ku Eun Hye, who took over her father’s detective agency. She is quick on her feet and will chase leads down till the end, putting everything into her work in order to get the job done.

The drama will be led by screenwriter Kim Hyo Jin and “Itaewon Class” director Kang Min Gu. The production staff stated, “The cast, which includes Kim Sa Rang, Yoon Hyun Min, Yoo Sun, Jung Man Sik, and Yoon So Yi, will bring unique characters to life to create a riveting story. Please anticipate ‘Get Revenge’ and its fresh story.”

“Get Revenge” is set to premiere in October.

Catch Yoon Hyun Min in his current drama “To All The Guys Who Loved Me” below:

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