Lee Si Eon Shows Support For Petition About Sexual Assault Case

Actor Lee Si Eon has expressed his support for a petition started by the parents of a victim of sexual assault.

Warning: Discussions of sexual assault.

On July 26, Lee Si Eon shared a link to the government petition on Instagram and wrote, “Let’s work together, please. Keep posting this, and please participate in the government petition.”

The petition is about a case in which “A,” a 14-year-old student from a middle school in South Jeolla Province, was continuously sexually assaulted by four classmates of the same sex. The victim passed away from acute pancreatitis caused by stress. The police are currently investigating the case.

The parents of student “A” uploaded the petition to the Blue House’s petition bulletin board. The petition is titled, “[Our son] has gone to heaven after complaining of pain due to sexual assault within the school and the inadequate management by the school and higher authorities.”

The parents also expressed their anger that the school, which is an alternative school that requires all students to live in dormitories, did not immediately take measures to separate the students even after investigating the perpetrators and victim upon receiving reports of sexual assault.

The petition began on July 16, and as of July 27 at 8 p.m. KST, the petition has received over 190,000 signatures. If a petition receives 200,000 signatures within 30 days, a government official issues an official response.


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