Oh My Girl Members Talk About Success With “Nonstop,” Inspirations, And More

Oh My Girl members Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, and Seunghee featured in a pictorial and interview for the August issue of The Star magazine.

Hyojung commented, “Thinking about it, this is our first time on a shoot with just the four of us.” Seunghee said, “I liked that it wasn’t a girlish or innocent concept, and it was nice having both group shots and individual shots where we could try various poses that we’ve never done before.”

Talking about the success of their recent album “Nonstop,” which hit No. 1 on music charts, Seunghee said, “I didn’t even dream of it getting No. 1. It’s not easy to get No. 1, so I thought we’d have to go through a lot of ups and downs on the charts. It feels like we’ve skipped the middle step and just jumped [to the top].”

Hyojung added, “I was amazed at just how much love we got. It didn’t feel real, and I remember being a bit dumbfounded.”

Mimi, when asked if she wants a chance to do more hip hip, said, “I don’t have a strong enough personality to diss anybody. And I also don’t have so much confidence that I can easily flex in lyrics. I’d just like the opportunity to make music.”

YooA, who enjoys writing, was asked where she finds her inspiration. She said, “Whenever I see an object and write about how it makes me feel, I always think about how it will be read by someone else. I get a lot of inspiration from [people] that aren’t afraid to express themselves. When promoting as a celebrity, it’s possible to have limitations on expression, but I want to show as many different things as I can within those boundaries.”

When asked what the public wants from Oh My Girl, YooA responded, “I think it’s our reliability. I think they want to continue to see us as a close-knit group.” Hyojung said, “I think they like Oh My Girl’s energy and our unique chemistry. I don’t think this will ever change.”

Closing, the members shared their thoughts on the meaning of Oh My Girl. Seunghee said, “It’s tenacity. While promoting as Oh My Girl, we’ve gained new levels of tenacity and grown much stronger. When with the members, I think we can do anything.”

YooA said, “To me, it’s this moment. Just like the present must exist for the future to come, I dream of a happy future alongside the Oh My Girl members.”

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