Cube Entertainment To Take Legal Action Against Defamation Of Artists

Cube Entertainment has announced that they will be taking legal action against people who defame their artists through malicious slander, privacy invasion, and more.

On July 28, the agency posted the following statement to their global fan platform U CUBE.


This is Cube Entertainment.

First, we thank all the fans for your great love and support for the artists of Cube Entertainment.

Lately, there has been an increase in the number of problematic posts about our artists that amount to assaults including and not limited to malicious slander, misrepresentation, personal attack, defamation, sexual harassment, and privacy invasion. The recent increase in such misdemeanors has caused psychological injury to not only the artists and their company, family, and friends but also to the fans who love them.

Malicious slander, spreading of rumors that results in defamation, sexual harassment, portraits rights violation, and trading of personal information undeniably constitute crimes. In order to protect our artists, we will make clear that we will collect evidence and take legal actions against such criminal acts.

Our company will continue to monitor and gather data that can serve as evidence of such malicious acts, and for protecting our artists, we will take immediate and strong legal measures with no exceptions.

Moreover, we provide information to our fans on how to report and submit evidence of any illegal activity.

We ask our fans for active cooperation regarding this matter.

[ How to submit the data ]



– Subject: Artist name (group name)

– Email Content

1. Date of Post: Year Month Date Day Hour Minute

2. URL:

3. Author of Post : Real name, ID, nickname, and any information that could help identify the author

4. IP Address of Post:

5. Content:

6: Other: Attachment such as picture, image, etc. *must be submitted in PDF file

We thank you for your love for the artists of Cube Entertainment. We sincerely ask that you continue to show your care and support towards them into the future. ­­­

Thank you.

Cube Entertainment is home to artists including BTOBJo KwonCLCPENTAGON(G)I-DLE, Jang Hyun Seung, and more.

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