7 Must-Watch C-Dramas Starring Xing Zhao Lin

Xing Zhao Lin is a former SM Entertainment trainee turned amazing actor. You may also recognize him from EXO’s “Wolf” drama that they released back in the day. At only 23, his acting skills are no joke, and he has taken on many varied roles. Check out the list below to see his acting prowess in action!

1. “You Are My Destiny

A chance encounter on a cruise ship seals two strangers’ fates forever. Chen Jia Xin (Liang Jie) is an aspiring art editor, and Wang Xi Yi (Xing Zhao Lin) is the heir to a large conglomerate. The classic story of rich boy meets poor girl and fall in love is flipped on its head. This whole drama starts off on the wrong foot, thus creating further complications for them both. This drama has it all, love triangles, pregnancy, international locations, and long-lost siblings. Zhao Lin’s acting skills in this recent drama are beyond perfect. He exudes charm and is so suave, you can’t help but watch his sophisticated portrayal of Wang Xi Yi.


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2. “Standing In The Time

Xing Zhao Lin stars as budding writer Zhou Zimo, who becomes romantically involved with Lin Xia (An Yue Xi), a proofreader who aspires to become a fashion editor. You get to see Zhao Lin as a completely different character here. Gone are the fancy suits and expensive watches. Now, he’s an average guy with big dreams. His depiction of a young person trying to achieve their dreams is probably quite relatable to a lot of viewers. Zhao Lin captures those moments when you realize your dreams are still too far out of reach, and he shows how to navigate the beginnings of love.

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3. “The World Owes Me A First Love

Zhao Lin shows a whole new side of his acting ability by taking on the role of the demanding boss Xia Ke. When the strong willed Xing Yun (Bai Lu) starts working for Xia Ke’s gaming company, their personalities clash majorly! Although they’re opposites, they become fond of each other and Zhao Lin’s skills show this progression throughout the show. While originally you may find Xia Ke cold and stern, Zhao Lin’s softening of his characterization over time is perfect.


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4. “Blowing In The Wind

In this drama, we get a peak at Zhao Lin’s serious drama skills. An avid mountain climber, Li Feng (Eleanor Lee) meets Xia Di (Xing Zhao Lin), and the two become fast friends. However, a curve ball hits them as they discover they are tied to the same horrific mountaineering accident a few years ago. Zhao Lin perfectly executes his character’s personal growth from a man struggling to cope with the past, then learning to let go of hardship and trauma.

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5. “The Eternal Love” and “The Eternal Love 2”

“The Eternal Love” gives us Xing Zhao Lin in a period drama for the first time, and it is everything! Qu Tan Er (Liang Jie) is set to marry Mo Lian Cheng (Xing Zhao Lin), but secretly she is in love with his older brother. Her ill-fated suicide attempt to escape the marriage only causes more complications. A woman’s spirit from modern day becomes trapped inside of her and appears whenever a woman lies. Lian Chen soon falls in love with this side of her, and their relationship becomes even more difficult for Qu Tan Er.

The colors and visuals are absolutely stunning, and Zhao Lin’s acting is so dignified, you could truly believe he is a prince. He has a natural ability to make every character depiction so real that he captivates you every time.


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7. “I Cannot Hug You

Xing Zhao Lin portrays a germaphobe who manages to soften a modern day vampire’s departed heart. Li Shi Ya (Zhang Yu Xi) and Jiang Zhi Hao (Xhing Zhao Lin) help each other with their troubles in life, and they actually make quite a perfect pairing. Zhao Lin’s representation of a man terrified of germs and how much people can struggle with this day-to-day is commendable. This is one of his most endearing characters for sure. You can see the conflicts that Jiang Zhi Hao goes through, and Zhao Lin’s acting feels so authentic that you can’t help but hope he can recover and live a life with Li Shi Ya.


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Let us know which Xing Zhao Lin’s characters are your favorite in the comments below! 

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