Ha Seok Jin Transforms Into Fearless Rally Driver In New Drama With Im Soo Hyang And Ji Soo

MBC’s upcoming drama “When I Was the Most Beautiful” has released new stills of Ha Seok Jin!

“When I Was the Most Beautiful” is a drama about a forbidden romance that occurs when two brothers love the same woman. Im Soo Hyang stars as Oh Ye Ji, a ceramic artist who dreams of an ordinary life. Ji Soo stars as Seo Hwan, an architectural designer who falls for Oh Ye Ji at first sight. Ha Seok Jin stars as Seo Jin, a rally driver who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Seo Jin is described as a man like a “bulldozer” because he is so direct about his desires. The new stills show the hard, determined side of his character, particularly when he is dressed for his job as a race driver, but also the softer, more romantic side of him.

Ha Seok Jin said, “I’m grateful for the chance to do a passionate and serious melodrama. Seo Jin is a very manly character when it comes to his job and his personality. He’s the mature, adult-like type that you think of when you think of ‘older brother.’ He is also very direct about going for what he wants. He doesn’t care about what other people think and pursues his own goals. He can come across as cold, but his heart burns with inner passion.”

The production staff of “When I Was the Most Beautiful” said, “Ha Seok Jin has brought Seo Jin to life exactly as we imagined him. Please look forward to the contrast between the mature manliness of Seo Jin, the elder brother, and the innocent boyishness of Seo Hwan, the younger brother.”

“When I Was the Most Beautiful” will premiere on August 19, following the end of “CHIP-IN.”

In the meantime, check out Ha Seok Jin in the drama “Your House Helper“!

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