3 Questions To Be Answered In 2nd Half Of “To All The Guys Who Loved Me”

KBS 2TV’s “To All the Guys Who Loved Me” has shared some key points to look out for in the second half of the drama!

The romantic comedy tells the story of Seo Hyun Joo (Hwang Jung Eum), a woman who has given up on love and marriage after repeated heartbreaks. After finally deciding that all men are alike, she suddenly gets caught between Hwang Ji Woo (Yoon Hyun Min) and Park Do Kyum (Seo Ji Hoon), two completely opposite men both vying for her love.


Here are three key questions that will be answered in the second half of the drama:

1. Will Seo Hyun Joo change her mind about marriage?

Previously, Hwang Ji Woo and Park Do Kyum engaged in a tense war of nerves to win Seo Hyun Joo’s heart. Park Do Kyum, who has been in love with Seo Hyun Joo for 10 years, tried to end his unrequited love by expressing his true feelings to her, but the situation became ambiguous due to Seo Hyun Joo trying to leave him in the friend zone.

On the other hand, Seo Hyun Joo found out that her “fated” encounter with Hwang Ji Woo was nothing but a lie, so she tried to distance herself from him. However, she discovered he was the one who had saved her life when she was younger, so she became close to him again. Unpredictable developments in each episode are raising expectations about who Seo Hyun Joo will choose in the end.

2. How will Seo Hyun Joo’s past memories affect her future?

Seo Hyun Joo started to see visions after meeting Hwang Ji Woo. As the nightmares repeated over and over again, Seo Hyun Joo received psychological counseling at the recommendation of Hwang Ji Woo. This raises questions about how the counseling will affect their relationship.

Furthermore, Kim Sun Hee (Choi Myung Gil) is enraged at the sight of Hwang Ji Woo and Seo Hyun Joo together, and viewers are more curious than ever about the secret past that will affect Seo Hyun Joo and Hwang Ji Woo’s relationship in the future.

3. What will happen to the webtoon company?

Not only is the romance a key point in the drama, but the webtoon company is also an interesting part of the plot. Seo Hyun Joo and her team go through various obstacles, and it’s refreshing to see them solve problem after problem. Viewers are paying keen attention to whether Seo Hyun Joo, a competent team leader and skillful webtoon producer, will be able to overcome the upcoming crisis safely.

“To All the Guys Who Loved Me” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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