Watch: Kim Jae Hwan, Jeong Sewoon, Lee Jin Hyuk, And Kim Woo Seok Show Hilarious Chemistry In New Variety Show Teaser

WAVVE’s new web variety show “Boys’ Mind Camp” (working title) starring Kim Jae Hwan, Jeong Sewoon, and UP10TION’s Lee Jin Hyuk and Kim Woo Seok released a new teaser!

Hosted by Defconn, “Boys’ Mind Camp” is a healing project with the goal of improving the idols’ emotional strength. The program will delve into the mental states of the four idols amid their busy schedules and help them discover new sides of themselves and increase awareness of their own mental health.

The teaser begins with honest confessions from the four idols. Kim Woo Seok shares, “I think it felt a bit empty,” and Kim Jae Hwan explains, “It felt like I was trapped.” Lee Jin Hyuk shares, “From a young age, I felt a lot of uncertainty for the future,” and Jeong Sewoon comments, “Rather than not talking about it, there was no reason to.”

The four idols finally gather at camp and recite an oath with Defconn to become stronger mentally. Kim Jae Hwan shares, “I came thinking we would be receiving mental counseling.” When Defconn examines what the idols brought in their luggage, he finds a can of parmesan cheese in Sewoon’s backpack. Sewoon shares, “I thought this was a survival or camping show.” However, rather than a typical counseling or camping program they imagined, the idols are shown playing games and having a fun time together.

Lee Jin Hyuk showcases his burning enthusiasm and competitive nature when the idols begin to play games. Kim Jae Hwan is shocked by his endless energy, and he asks, “Jin Hyuk, are you not tired?” Jeong Sewoon adds, “You’re really amazing.”

Kim Woo Seok also confidently shares, “Please acknowledge this, but I look pretty okay without makeup too.” Similarly to Lee Jin Hyuk, Kim Woo Seok shares his passionate side. Lee Jin Hyuk adds, “He’s really a manly man.”

Furthermore, the show reveals that a professional had been observing the idols’ actions all along. Analyzing the idols, the professional comments, “He has lower levels of honesty and modesty,” and observes, “He doesn’t have high emotional stability.” The professional also adds, “Kim Jae Hwan has a lot of movement, which is a trait shown by people with avoidance motivation.”

When the idols gather around to confess their honest feelings, Jeong Sewoon talks about the pressures of composing. Lee Jin Hyuk shares, “I once let go of my dream,” and Kim Jae Hwan opens up, “If it wasn’t for that, I would have enlisted in the military.” Kim Woo Seok confesses that he felt as if people were talking negatively of him whenever he saw people whispering.

Despite the difficulties they share, the idols continue to smile and laugh as they sing and dance together. Defconn comments that it would be nice if they release a song together, but Kim Woo Seok later jokes, “I want to leave this group,” after experiencing playful antics by the other three.

“Boys’ Mind Camp” will first be unveiled on August 7 through WAVVE and will be airing every Friday.

Watch the full teaser below:

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