Song Hye Kyo Talks About Her Style Inspiration, Shares A Message For Global Fans During Difficult Time, And More

Song Hye Kyo shared her style inspiration and more in an interview with W Korea!

The actress appeared in a pictorial for the magazine to showcase the “Bee My Love” collection by Chaumet as the jeweler’s Asian brand ambassador. Song Hye Kyo was asked to describe what she thinks about the concepts of loyalty, courage, and diligence, which are what the collection signifies.

Song Hye Kyo shared that she always tries to stick to her convictions, and whenever she does something, she aims to keep the same level of passion she had about it when she started. “With those beliefs as a stepping stone, I’m always determined to do my best at everything,” she said. “I think that loyalty and diligence are also very important elements of work and personal relationships.”

The actress was asked about her personal jewelry style, as well as if she thinks that jewelry can transform how a person looks.

“I’m always interested in how jewelry can change a person’s appearance,” she said. “I also think it has the power to change your mood. For example, wearing several rings or layering bracelets gives you a cheerful and chic look. Meanwhile, if you wear a high jewelry necklace, it gives you more confidence.”

“My preferred style is wearing a simple pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a ring to express how I feel that day,” she said. “I think it’s a way to look more polished.”


When asked where she gets her style inspiration, Song Hye Kyo said, “I’m really interested in modern art and architecture. I’m inspired a lot by that kind of art when it comes to everything from designing and decorating my own spaces to choosing my clothes.”

Song Hye Kyo also shared a message for her fans. “The whole world is going through a very difficult time due to COVID-19,” she said. “I’ve learned through this time about how to value the people who are by my side, and I think that through believing in and relying on each other, we will be able to get through this difficult period. I think it’s a time when love, sacrificing for each other, and interacting with people around us are all important.”

Watch Song Hye Kyo star alongside Park Bo Gum in her latest drama “Encounter” below!

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