Watch: JamJam’s Family Gets All Dressed Up In Teaser For Their Final Day On “The Return Of Superman”

The Return of Superman” has surprised fans by sharing a teaser for what’s described as JamJam’s family’s final story.

On August 6, the popular KBS reality show revealed a teaser video that features Moon Hee Jun in a tuxedo and Soyul in a wedding dress. When Moon Hee Jun asks her how it feels to be wearing a wedding dress for the first time in a while, Soyul answers, “It makes me think of that day. My bouquet is even similar!”

Soyul then calls out for their “princess” and JamJam appears in a fancy dress. The caption reads, “To be honest, today is JamJam’s family’s last day.”

JamJam does a big twirl in her dress, and her mom tells her, “You’re the prettiest princess I’ve ever seen.”

Soyul says she’s getting tearful, and JamJam asks her why she’s crying. The teaser only shows Soyul beginning her sentence before it says in the caption that this will be the family’s last story. Another clip shows JamJam also saying she’s getting tearful, like her mother had.

Watch the clip below:

JamJam’s Instagram was updated that evening with photos of her and the caption, “Come watch the teaser for the story of JamJam family’s final day.”

Moon Hee Jun, Soyul, and JamJam first appeared on “The Return of Superman” in June 2019.

The next episode of the show will air on August 9 at 9:15 p.m. KST.

Watch “The Return of Superman” below!

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