Gary Shares Frustrations Over The Continued Hacking Of Hao’s Instagram Account

Gary has spoken up about the incessant hacking of the Instagram account for his son Hao, @hihaoya.

On August 6, Gary uploaded a screenshot of a supposed Instagram for Hao onto his personal account. He captioned the post, “This is the account that the hacker remade after hacking Hao’s account. Do not follow this account!!” He added in English, “Don’t follow!! This is a hacker!!”

His follow-up post read, “This is nearly the sixth time Hao’s account has been hacked. There’s no point in looking [for them], and it just gets hacked without warning..are there really no measures or procedures..?? Thank you for loving and supporting Hao’s account until now!! Although this makes me want to swear in the middle of the night I will try to hold back! Please unfollow Hao’s original account!”

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하오 계정을 거의 여섯번째 해킹 당했습니다. 찾아도 소용없고 아무런 예고도 없이 그냥 해킹 당하네요..대책도 방법도 없는건가..요?? 그동안 하오 계정을 사랑해주시고 응원해주셔서 감사합니다!! 오밤중에 모처럼 ㅆ욕이 나오지만 참아봅니다! 원래 하오 계정은 언팔해주십시요!

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In his Instagram story, Gary posted one last update saying, “Hao’s account has been hacked and I have not made a new one. Please don’t be fooled. Goodnight!”

Gary previously spoke up about the hacking of Hao’s account back in June.

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