4 Of IU's Most Fashionable K-Drama Characters

IU isn’t just a talented singer, she’s also an amazing actress. She’s starred in numerous K-dramas and wowed fans with her versatility. Not only does she showcase her awesome acting skills, her characters are super fashionable! Let’s take a look at some of IU’s most fashionable characters!

1. “Hotel Del Luna” – Jang Man Wol

Let’s kick off with one of IU’s most fashionable characters, Jang Man Wol, who has been running Hotel Del Luna for thousands of years. After spending all those years with ever changing fashions, you’d expect her to be a style queen, and she is exactly that!


There are so many flawless looks that IU pulls off effortlessly in “Hotel Del Luna.” You can see how the character has been influenced by the different decades she lived through, and somehow they all suit her really well.


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2. “Bel Ami” – Kim Bo Tong

Bel Ami” may be nearly eight years old, but that doesn’t stop the fashion from being current! IU portrays Kim Bo Tong, an ordinary girl with a huge crush on a rich guy (played by Jang Geun Suk) she knew from school. Her looks from this drama may not be as fierce as “Hotel Del Luna,” but the cutesy style that we know and love in a K-drama makes this very worthy of being on the list.

Can we also talk about how her hair is absolute hair goals in this show?


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3. “THE Producers” – Cindy

In “THE Producers,” we get to see a more “idol-like” styling for IU. She stars in the drama as Cindy, a famous singer who debuted at a young age and is know for being an ice princess. Her signature dark hair and red lip is a classic combo and really adds to her idol persona. Her chic, cool styling as Cindy is perfect for a strong-willed celebrity!


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4. “My Mister” – Lee Ji An

IU took on a different kind of role for “My Mister.” Starring as Lee Ji An, a woman struggling with debt and caring for her grandmother, you may think her style would go on the back burner. However, her simplistic, cosy style is actually perfect for autumn!


IU’s powerful performance isn’t over shadowed by glamorous looks. Instead, a cool, neutral palette is used throughout the drama. She may not be wearing the top luxury brands, but these looks are not to be overlooked!


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All four of these characters’ styles are so different, yet IU looks gorgeous in each drama. Whether she’s fancy and rich, or casual and cosy, IU is a fashion icon in K-dramas for sure!

Which of IU’s characters do you think is the most stylish? Let us know in the comments below!

vb2608 is a long time K-pop lover and Shawol. An aspiring writer and K-beauty obsessed, you can see more of her on Instagram.

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