Song Ji Hyo Thanks 2PM’s Junho For Sending Gift To Set Of “Was It Love?”

Song Ji Hyo got a gift from 2PM’s Junho on the set of her drama!

The actress is currently starring in the JTBC drama “Was It Love?” On August 7, she took to Instagram to share photos of herself and the crew with a coffee truck sent to the set by Junho.

The banners on the truck read, “Asia’s Goddess Song Ji Hyo” and “To all the cast and crew, keep it up! From, Lee Junho.”

Song Ji Hyo wrote in the caption:

To Junho, whom I hold so dear!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much for sending a coffee truck to the set of “Was It Love?”!!

Thanks to the coffee truck that came from far away,
Our drama’s team all enjoyed a refreshing drink too..
I’m always supporting you, our Junho. See you after filming ends, Junho.

PS. They said that they were going to take a photo with “Asia’s Goddess” (who is only recognized by Junho).. Our lovely staff members, who told me to get in the corner…^^

(Also there was a photo that I really wanted to upload… I left it out so I’m reposting..)

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내가 격하게 아끼는 동생 이준호야!! <우리, 사랑했을까> 촬영장에 커피차 보내줘서 정말 정말 너무너무 고마워 고마워 고마워어어!! ⠀ 멀리까지 와주신 커피차 덕분에 우리 드라마 팀도 모두 시원하게 잘 마셨습니다요..우리 쭌노 항상 응원한다 누나가 촬영 끝나고 봐 쭌노야 ⠀ P.S 쭌노만 인정하는 아시아 여신이랑 기념 사진찍겠다면서.. 나 보고 모퉁이로 가라는 사랑스런 울 스탭들…^^ (꼭 올리고 싶었던 사진이 있었는데..빠뜨려서 다시 올려요..)

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Last year, Song Ji Hyo gifted Junho with a coffee truck sent to the set of his drama “Confession.”

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