Hongbin Apologizes To Fans After Departure From VIXX And Confirms He Has Left Jellyfish Entertainment

After the news of his departure from VIXX, Hongbin spoke to fans while streaming on Twitch.

On August 7, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Hongbin had expressed his desire to leave VIXX and the group will now be promoting with five members instead of six.

Shortly after the news, Hongbin spoke to fans on Twitch. “First off, my contract has been terminated and I’m no longer under Jellyfish,” he shared. “I cannot say any more about this.” He shared that he thinks he will be able to share more details later on.

“I’m so sorry to those who were my fans and to fans of VIXX,” he said. “I’ve left the company, so I think I need to find my own path now.”

He apologized for being unable to say more at this point and added, “I’m really sorry. I should have been doing many things in return for my fans, but I think I was really lacking. The only thing I can say is that I’m sorry.”

Before the news was announced, VIXX’s fans noticed that Hongbin’s account was no longer on the group’s fan cafe. Hongbin therefore did not post about leaving the group on the cafe.

He commented during his broadcast, “One thing I need to say is that I am very sorry to my original fans, to my fans from when I was in VIXX, because it’s true that it was my mistake and this happened because of my mistake. So I am sorry. However, I thought it wouldn’t be right for me to post on the fan club site to say, ‘This has happened, my contract has been terminated, because of these reasons.’ I didn’t want to tarnish that space with that post.” He explained that he was talking via Twitch instead because it was his own personal space.

He also mentioned that he is planning to continue doing his personal broadcasts as he has always done.

In February, Hongbin made comments about other idol groups during a Twitch stream, and some of the comments became the subject of controversy. Following the broadcast, both Jellyfish Entertainment and Hongbin apologized.

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