Yubin Talks About Her Time In Wonder Girls, Dealing With Confidence Issues, And More

Yubin opened up about her time in Wonder Girls and shared her thoughts on how she found herself through her career.

On August 7, the former member of Wonder Girls and founder of rrr Entertainment gave a lecture titled, “Whatever You Do, Don’t Regret It” through the YouTube channel Sebasi Talk.

Yubin began by talking about her life before becoming a member of Wonder Girls. “Before my debut, I was preparing to debut together with Jun Hyosung, Uee, and Yang Jiwon,” she explained. She continued, “After the company started to struggle and our debut was canceled, I thought to myself, ‘I probably won’t be able to debut,” but then I ended up becoming a member of Wonder Girls.”

Yubin reminisced on her days as an idol, saying, “I was happy since I received a lot more love than I expected. I worked really hard while doing everything I wanted to do.”

She also explained more about Wonder Girls’ advancement into the United States, saying that many people told her it looked like a difficult time. “However, I really enjoyed that period of time,” she revealed. “That was a time when I could think a lot about who I really was. Although being a part of Wonder Girls was fun and I was happy, I also worried often about if it was what I really wanted to do, and if it was okay for me to be enjoying the benefits of it all.”

Yubin continued, “The members who had been in the group before I was added were full of talent, so I kept comparing myself to them. My self-confidence plummeted. Although I was a rapper, I started working hard to improve my dancing and singing, and I also took acting lessons.”

After returning from the United States, there was a long break in which the members all worked hard on their own tasks, but Yubin said that the amount of time she spent comparing herself to them increased. She revealed, “I started learning how to play drums to try to get myself back on track. But after two years of playing drums in the basement I thought to myself again, ‘What on earth am I doing?’ In the end, Park Jin Young drew inspiration from my drumming, and Wonder Girls had a comeback with a band concept.”

Yubin then touched on the feeling of emptiness that comes after one reaches a goal. “While doing all the things I liked one by one, I think that I made opportunities for myself to figure out who I really was,” she said. She delivered an uplifting message as she continued, “I’m just a regular person, but I worked hard on the things I wanted to do. Those small experiences linked together into something bigger and eventually created the jewel that is ‘me.'”

Approaching the end of her talk, Yubin also spoke about her decision to found her own entertainment agency. She admitted that she felt regret at first, wondering if she had bit off more than she could chew. However, she then said, “When I think about it, I need those moments of regret. The regret that I feel becomes experience so that I won’t make the same mistake again.” Yubin encouraged her viewers, saying, “It’s okay to make a detour. The combination of my past experiences helped me become able to challenge myself with confidence even if it’s reckless. I hope you won’t regret the small moments.”

Lastly, Yubin ended with some final words of wisdom. “If there’s anyone out there who’s wondering if they’re doing well, I want to tell them to not have regrets,” she emphasized. “You’re doing well, and it’s right to do what you want to do. I hope you won’t be swayed by the words of others. You have to enjoy what you’re doing in order to be happy later. Believe in yourselves.”

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