Yoon Shi Yoon Keeps Investigating Through The Twists And Turns In The Case On “Train”

OCN’s “Train” has released new stills of Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Wan Gi, and Baek Jae Woo ahead of the upcoming episode.

“Train” is a sci-fi thriller about two parallel universes that broke apart because of a fateful choice on the night of a murder. Yoon Shi Yoon stars as Seo Do Won, who in universe “A” lives with a sense of guilt because of the sins of his father. In universe “B,” his father’s crimes lead Seo Do Won into a life of corruption.

Jo Wan Gi plays detective Woo Jae Hyuk, who in universe “A” has a sincere respect for Seo Do Won. In universe “B,” he despises him, but when “A” Seo Do Won comes to universe “B,” he slowly opens his mind to him. Baek Jae Woo plays Kang Joon Young, the youngest detective in the violent crimes division, who is quick-witted and a a valuable source of information on the team.


In the previous episode, Seo Do Won realized that the real culprit behind the serial murders was Suk Min Joon (Choi Seung Yoon). After meeting Suk Min Joon, Han Seo Kyung (Kyung Soo Jin)’s whereabouts became unknown, prompting Seo Do Won to shoot in anger at Suk Min Joon when the latter taunted him.

In the new stills, however, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Wan Gi, and Baek Jae Woo are investigating a back alley in broad daylight. Seo Do Won appears to have discovered a clue by the expression in his eyes, and despite the innocent scene, the other detectives look serious and troubled as well. Viewers are curious as to what they could be investigating as Suk Min Joon had already confessed to being the murderer.

The production staff of “Train” stated, “The full extent of Suk Min Joon’s real evil activities have not yet been revealed. Please watch tonight’s broadcast to see the shock and chaos that will sweep up Seo Do Won, Woo Jae Hyuk, Kang Joon Young, and the other detectives of the Mu Kyeong Police Station.”

This episode of “Train” airs on August 9 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

Check out the latest episode of “Train” below!

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